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Mavs Can't Win With One and a Half Men

Trying to remain optimistic ... it's one game. It's just one game. But the second half, and specifically the last 15 or so minutes, is disturbing.

MAVS 84    Final

Heat series 1-0

Dirk scored 27, and other than Shawn Marion's 16 and 10 no one showed up. And I mean, no one.

The ugly from the ugly stats ...

JJ Barea - 1 of 8
Jason Terry 3 of 10
Mavs out-rebounded 46-36
Mavs shot 25 of 67 from the floor; 22 of their shots were 3-pointers

The decent ...

Mavs shot 32 FTs, six more than Heat
Chris Bosh shot 5 of 18 from the floor.
Mavs had 18 assists on 25 shots.

That's it. I'm not going to kid myself into thinking this was a pretty game. 

The Mavs can win this series, but they have no chance if it's Dirk and a bunch of guys who can't score.




This is a bad time for the Mavs to lose their 3 point shooting touch.

Mavs are gonna win this thing in 6 or 7 games.

It wasn't a bad game one. Could have been better.

Game two will be better.

Mavs Fan

Heat will win this series. It's been fun watching the Mavs compete this post season, but stick a fork in them. Lebron, Wade & Bosh are too much for them.

Bill Tomer

Carlisle will have them playing better in the next game.


Everybody is in an uproar about one game. It makes no sense. The Heat are a good team. Nobody thought we would sweep them. So the Heat won 'a' game. THe Mavs will un it around.

James B

it's all rigged anyways. david stern is the puppet master. and what david wants, david gets. heat win in 6 or 7 games. stern is all about a good/highly publized story; lebron & the heat win.

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