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Memo to Heat & Mavs - Save These NBA Playoffs With a Great Series

The Finals are a few hours away and it seemed to me that upon further review these NBA playoffs have been full of compelling story lines, but not great series. Only one has gone to Game 7. We need a great series here.

Check it out ...


No. 8 Grizzlies d. No. 1 Spurs 4-2
Fantastic, and very NCAA-ish. We never see upsets like this, so this alone makes these NBA playoffs at least semi memorable.

No. 4 OKC d. No. 5 Nuggets 4-1
Why anyone thought the Nuggets could make a serious push after trading Melo and Billups was smoking whatever George Karl was selling, which apparently is some good stuff.

No. 3 Mavs d. No. 6 Blazers 4-2
Other than the Game 4 meltdown by the Mavs this series wasn't close.

No. 2 Lakers d. No. 7 Hornets 4-2
Chris Paul was dominant, but didn't have enough toys around him. The Lakers were showing the cracks we weren't aware of just yet.

No. 1 Bulls d. No. 8 Pacers 4-1
Every game but Game 5 was close but the Pacers had no closers.

No. 5 Hawks d. No. 4 Magic 4-2
Can't care about Hawks basketball.

No. 3 Celtics d. No. 7 Knicks 4-0
Compelling to see the Knicks get destroyed. Game 1 was fun, the rest sucked.

No. 2 Heat d No. 7 76ers 4-1
I didn't know Philly had a basketball team any more until I came across this series.

No. 4 OKC d No. 8 Grizzlies 4-3
Only series to go seven games thus far.

No. 3 Mavs d. No. 2 Lakers 4-0
Very compelling because who saw the Lakers getting swept? By anyone?

Lebron james miami heat home jersey No. 2 Heat d. No. 3 Celtics 4-1
Compelling to watch age officially catch the Celts. The celebration the Heat threw after winning this series suggested they didn't get it. They obviously do.

No. 1 Bulls d. No. 5 Hawks 4-2
Hawks made it interesting but the Bulls still had enough at this point.

No. 3 Mavs d. No. 4 OKC 4-1
An epic OKC choke in Game 4, but otherwise a destruction.

No. 2 Heat d. No. 1 Bulls 4-1
Compelling because everything the Heat does right now is must-see TV. Everyone wants to see them lose.

So as we can see from this recap these playoffs have had a good number of competitive games and fun story lines because of the personalities and teams involved, but other than one series it's been pretty one-sided.



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