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TCU May Get a Pass to the Big East Tournament

Boeheim_player With The Big East preparing to expand to 17 teams with the inclusion of TCU next year no one is sure how the incredibly popular Big East men's basketball tournament at Madison Square Garden will work out.

So even if the Frogs struggle in the first year of the Big East they would at least be a part of the best conference tournament in the nation. For Frog fans, this is a tournament that is worth the trip.

Right now, all 16 teams get in. UConn won five games in five days to win the tournament in the spring, then won the NCAA tournament.

In an odd-numbered field, it's not uncommon that the last team has to play a "play-in" game, or is just left out.

Syracuse basketball coach Jim Boeheim, whose voice carries a lot of weight, wants everybody in. 

Read this article to hear Boeheim's thoughts about a 17-team conference tourney.

Seventeen teams is a lot, but a conference tournament is something every team should be a part of. Even if the field is absurdly large.



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