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Tuesday Texas Hangover: Rangers Hitting Like They're On Roids

In an effort to endlessly tweak this format ...

1. The NBA Finals are here. Finally. Mavs in six.

Baldizon-victor-washington-wizards-v-miami-heat-erick-dampier 1.5. He's not active, but does Erick Dampier get a ring if the Heat win the title?

2. The Astros aren't desperate, but wow they're close. This kid is going to start for them tonight, and he's not even 21.

3. College baseball regionals have been announced. No surprise - the south dominates. As does the state of Texas. The Horns face Princeton.

4. Rangers starter Derek Holland may have one of the worst lines for a winner in recent memory:
5 2/3 ip. 5 hits, 5 runs, 5 walks.
But the Rangers are hitting like they're on roids.

5. Never thought of this - comparing former Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel to the late former Texas Gov. Bill Clements.
SA Express News columnist sees some similarities.

6. The Five Best Arnold movies.

Tumblr_l9di5ekYem1qe0o8fo1_400 7. This is the girl Romo dumped.



Jack Slater

The Top 5 Arnold movies are...

#5, Eraser

#4, The 6th Day

#3, Predator

#2, Commando

#1, Raw Deal

It was tough leaving Collateral Damage & Total Recall off the list.

However there is little question that Predator, Commando, and Raw Deal were his finest moments in cinematic history.

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