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Jimmer Fredette is the Tim Tebow of this NBA Draft Class

Jimmer-Fredette-and-Whitney-Wonnacott-2 Jimmer Fredette is Tim Tebow. Both are ripped, good looking white dudes with illustrious college credentials. They both appear to have the same girlfriend, too. That's so weird both guys went for hot blondes; what are the chances?

(That's Jimmer on the left; Tebow below right)

Yet because they're white we are all pretty sure they're going to suck as pros. Or because they're white we can say with some certainty, "Not very athletic. Makes the most of limited athletic ability. A coach on the floor" or any number of the standard cliches tossed around to describe the white athlete on the high level.

The Broncos rolled the dice on Tebow as a first rounder, and it may yet hit. I had zero idea on Tebow, but leaned against not because he's white with a weird throwing motion but rather because the statistics say most quarterbacks aren't that good. But he can be a pro. Same as Jimmer. It just depends on your expectations of what type of pro.

Tebow-girlfriend-3 "So much of it is system oriented. Personnel oriented. Coaching oriented. It's like that for everybody," TCU men's basketball coach Jim Christian told me today when I called him for Jimmer talk. Christian's team did a decent job of defending The Jimmer this season. "There are very few guys who can have their same college role in the NBA. It comes down to - who takes them and what is expected?"

Some NBA team is going to Tebow tonight's NBA draft and take Jimmer in the lottery, thereby creating unrealistic expectations. Lottery guys are expected to be "great". Jimmer will be a pro.
I saw him play twice in person. My thought was, "Great college player. Loved that he stayed. Insane range. Will be able to eventually learn how to create his own shot. Can't guard a tree."

Jimmer-fredette Jimmer is a two-guard listed at 6-2. That's not good in the NBA world. People keep comparing him to Orlando guard J.J. Redick. Why? They're both white, and all white guys must be compared to white guys. But Reddick appears a bit stronger, and he's 6-foot-4. That makes a difference. Drop the idea that Jimmer can be a point. By now, you're a point or you're not. Jimmer plays to score, not to distribute.

"The key is to keep him off the foul line. Once he gets there and starts to get into a rhythm he's really hard to stop," Christian said.

Where Jimmer is going to be killed is guarding opposing guards. The way the NBA is called these days, Jimmer does not have the lateral quickness to stay in front of these guys. Most guys don't.

"That is obviously the question for him, and he'll understand that's going to be his ticket," Christian said. "If he can prove he can do that he'll stick. He's going to have to re-invent himself, they all do. The NBA is a different game. Guys that score in college maybe don't defend every possession in college because they know they're going to play 40 minutes."

Jimmer is a scorer, and he will eventually be able to score some in the NBA. But as Don Nelson once said of all great college scorers in the NBA, "Can you win with them scoring for your team?"
Basically, is your team going to be any good if this guy is scoring your points? 

"He's not going to be a primary scorer in the NBA. None of these guys are right away," Christian said. "His game is going to have to grow. He will have to adjust and show what he can do. The guys in the NBA, their games grow. One thing I will tell you is the numbers generally translate. If a guy is a shooter, great rebounder or passer in college he can do that in the NBA. The game doesn't lie."

Which will make The Jimmer a pro. Just not a great one.

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Chad L.

Jimmer reminds me a little better athlete than Steve Alford. I think Jimmer has a tiny bit better shot of becoming a 'real pro' nba'er...

The dream, for those of us who like Jimmer's game as much as we like his name...... we want him to have the same sort of magic as a pro as he did a college baller

nobody thinks he is gonna be michael jordan, but it would be nice to see him be able to launch the bombs and hit them

now that would be fun

Matt A.

Any 6'2" white guy who succeeds as an NBA player, regardless of his role, is "great" in my book.

Francis L.

Jimmer was a great player in college, but he won't amount to spit in the pros. Loved him. Next. He's done. Tebow has a better chance of making it as a serious pro. Loved Jimmer's game, but he is toast.

Jimmy Chitwood

let me quote from the opinion piece above: "Where Jimmer is going to be killed is guarding opposing guards. The way the NBA is called these days, Jimmer does not have the lateral quickness to stay in front of these guys."

also: "But Reddick appears a bit stronger ... '

i like how that is written as fact, when IN FACT it is merely opinion. let me quote a couple of actual facts with regards to Fredette's lateral quickness: (from "Jimmer Fredette was a star amongst athletic tests. His 10.42 agility was third fastest in the combine."

"weird," huh? how can he actually be really quick and agile but you insist he's still not actually quick and agile? pfft.

and as for him not being strong enough, well that's just plain silly. again from "Jimmer also posted a beastly 14 (bench press) reps ... "

of course Jimmer will have to adjust his game at the NBA level; all players do. however, the only thing that will prevent him from being successful is a coach who (apparently like you) thinks that White men can't play hoops.

Deron washington

Jimmer will do great because whites guy's are smarter


Guys like Jimmer are smarter than the average NBA player. Intelligence does make a difference if you have the shooting skills.

Yes, stupid men like Shaq and Kobe are successful based on their physical skills alone, but there is room in the NBA for the smart man.

Lisa Habmed

"Stupid men like Shaq and Kobe?" You're right that intelligence is important. I'm just wondering why you think automatically that Shaq and Kobe are stupid. If they were dumb, if they didn't have the ability to read team's offensive and defensive plans, create shots, permeate other teams wholes in the lane, out maneuver them by going to their weak sides and all other sort of quick analytical skills that make NBA players great, how could they succeed? How exactly is Jimmer "smarter" than the average NBA player? If he is so smart, why can't he use those smarts to play some defense? He doesn't even try. It's pathetic. And not smart. Jimmer's intelligence thus far consists of him comparing himself to established NBA players long before he has proven anything (ahem a la Lebron), and not playing defense. Not promising. The Bucks will regret their decision.

chuck jphnson

Didn't Kobe get accepted into Duke ?


here is some thing special for guys check this out...


Jimmer has a hot girl friend and a killer jump shot. But he will never make it in the pro game. Too slow. Can't defend. White. Not athletic enough. Guys like this are fun to watch in college but as a pro; forget it.


Let's learn how to spell REDICK correctly.

Jason Glugla

Sounds like mostly what is being said is that Jimmer is white and not 7 feet tall so he can't make it. How about giving the guy at least half a season in the NBA before saying he can't make it.

Sacramento Fan

I love Jimmer.He was an exciting player but the dude is not a player in "The Show". Great guy to watch but is gonna be a dud. Loved his game, but let's face it; it's over for this guy. Maybe he can do a book like Tim Tebow and make a few bucks.

Jimmer Fan

I liked Jimmer in college, but sadly I agree with the majority of comments left above. Jimmer was a special college player but in the pro's I think all he is gonna be good for is selling a few tickets, holding out some false hope, and hitting an occasional 3 in some mop up minutes. I'd love to be proved wrong.


I wonder if Tebow met his girlfriend on the mission field? She sure looks like a missionary.


I actually think Jimmer will be more like Eddie House. Instant offense, streaky, and absolutely no defense.


People are so simplistic/lazy when it comes to race. Rather than saying a guy is fast or slow, why not quote some numbers? Jimmer's actually pretty fast. There are some black players who don't have blazing speed but are extremely smart and effective, like Ray Allen. Finally some guys just know how to ball regardless of height, speed, etc.

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