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More Proof Hollywood (and the Florida Marlins) Are Out Of Original Ideas

Julianne-hough-throwing-down-some-sexy-moves-in-footloose-remake-photos-1 You always hear about scripts floating around Hollywood that never get made into movies. 
If this is the case, and I have no reason to believe it's not, why in the name of all things living or dead is Hollywood re-making Footloose?

This is the same thinking that has the Marlins bringing back 80-year-old Jack McKeon to manage the team again.

Much as the Marlins are telling every other manager who aspires to run a big league club as well as their fans, Hollywood is telling screen writers and movie lovers we simply are out of original ideas. Or at least the original idea is too scary to contemplate, so let's play it safe by going with the old stuff.

Why isn't the script that is stuck in Clint Eastwood's closet, or the treatment buried in Martin Scorsese's desk drawer, not being made into a movie rather than some recycled piece of molded cheese?

Why isn't the guy in Triple A wherever called up to manage the Marlins? They have a Triple-A roster full of 20-year-olds so the guy would probably know them personally anyway.

I saw the the original Footloose in the theatre with my sister, and I have fond memories of this Kevin Bacon piece of trash. This movie, as bad and as corny as it is, contains a delicious ingredient that too many filmmakers and movie critics forget is the reason we go to see films - it's fun. 

And it was also original, even if we all know it is rather stupid. This is not a campaign to eliminate sugar and garbage from pop culture. KeSha will die off soon enough and be replaced by another gyrating, lip-syncing skank. But a little sugar and junk can be good in moderation.

By the looks of the Footloose trailer, this appears to be a near shot-for-shot remake of the original. Julianne Hough replaces Lori Singer. Some dude replaces Kevin Bacon. Dennis Quad replaces John Lithgow.


The Marlins, and Hollywood are a business, and a business exists exclusively to turn profits. Even in the name of more dead presidents must these two entities bring up dead movies, or very old managers, that we've already seen countless times before?

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R. Dibble

Why are you picking on Jack McKeon. He still has a lot of good innings in him. Get bent.


The manager that resigned was the Triple-A manager.


Why do you keep talking about Footloose and other movies nobody cares about. What about THOR!!!!!! jeeezz! Thor baby!


They are making a remake of Footloose?!??! Are you kidding me???? The first one was a piece of garbage and remake can only aspire to be a bigger piece of crap. Remakes sooooo rarely live up to the original. Jaws 5 wasn't a remake, but rather a sequel, but it was the best thing in recent memory that rivaled it's original

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