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Numbers Game: A Reason the Mavs Should Be Optimistic For Game 2

Charlotte+Bobcats+v+Miami+Heat+L8BxzmUJAv3l Pouring over the box score from Game 1 and it still doesn't change the final score.
Still doesn't change the fact the Mavs have no hope if no one outside of Dirk shows up. Yes, Shawn Marion had a nice game but they have to get more from ... just about everyone.

What we should not be surprised is that Miami's Three Best Friends That Anybody Could Have combined for 65 points, 28 boards and 13 assists.

Let's see ... during these playoffs they're averaging 66 points, 25.2 rebounds and 10.9 assists. So the trio was pretty much on average. 

What the Heat did in Game 1 that was out of the ordinary, and something Mavs can take a tiny bit of solace in:

The Heat made 11 of 24 from 3. That does not happen.

In the playoffs, the Heat average 5.6 threes on 16.8 attempts per game.
In the regular season, those figures are 6.7 of 18.0 for 37 percent per game.

The Mavs are going to need to defend the 3-point line better, obviously, but neither the Heat nor the Mavs can expect this kind of performance from deep again.



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