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Oprah Apparently To Go All 'Jim Gray' on O.J. So He Will Admit What We All Know He Did

Oj simpson Not sure I totally believe this considering the sources, but it's a fun read. Apparently Oprah gets O.J. to admit he killed his ex-wife and her lover. This is akin to Jim Gray pestering Pete Rose to admitting he bet on baseball ... only different.

Click this story from the Daily Mail.

According to this story, O.J. acted in self defense. Which explains everything. 

And if this story is true, expect the interview to be aired on Oprah's new network. You know, the one that no one is watching.

After this interview, Oprah is also expected to do the following: 

- Get President Obama to admit he's not a legal U.S. citizen.
- Get former Indiana and Texas Tech men's basketball coach Bobby Knight to admit he was ever wrong. About anything.
- Get Paris Hilton to admit she doesn't know how to read. 
- Get Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmeiro, Sammy Sosa and the rest of the the MLB from 2002 to admit they took steroids.

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I'm sooo over OJ. His whole story is aweful. It does not put OJ, our legal process, or viewers/readers of this story in the best light.

It's sad story. Time to move on

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