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The NHL Floats a Trial Balloon With Stars Preseason Game in Houston

Reliant_stadium_houston_texans_baltimore_ravens_monday_night_football_postponed The first domino fell when the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg; there will be more NHL teams relocating soon enough.

Will Houston get a team?

The Stars are set to play a preseason game against the Phoenix Coyotes on Sept. 23 in Reliant Stadium.

Don't think for a second the NHL isn't going to look at this venue and how this thing goes as a test to determine whether the Winter Classic can be held in the south.

And whether there is a market for an NHL team in one of the nation's largest markets, which has an AHL team. An AHL team that was once coached by former Stars coach and current Coyotes coach Dave Tippett.

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Big Sky

Houston is a massive market with a great sports following. But hockey??? Idk? Hockey is a great, fast, fun sport...... love to see it in Houston. It will be interesting to see how this town responds

Geddy Lee

Nice post. Nice Bob & Doug McKenzie reference.

Now...... Take Off

James P

If this happens I'm definitely going! And maybe take the scenic route home and hit The Salt Lick!

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Houston NEEDS a team!!!!! Hockey is the best, most legitimate sport on the planet. It needs to grow in the US. And moving a team to Houston is the next step in the games painful growth. HOUSTON NEEDS/DESERVES A TEAM!

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