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Thursday Lone Star Hangover: Rangers Have a "Pig Pen"; Where Does Jimmer Go?

1. The NBA Draft is tonight. The Mavs pick 26th and 57th, which is a cute way of saying they'll get two guys who will never see the floor.

2. Neftali Feliz was awful for the Rangers last night in blowing a 9th inning lead against the Stros. No way around this - the Rangers 'pen has been bad.

Fredette-jimmer1-tcu10-mp 3. Might the Rockets move up in this draft? Every other team is allegedly looking to move around in what is supposedly a weak class. This draft is all about Jimmer. Because of the name, and he's white.

4. I can't see the Spurs dealing Tony Parker for a lotto pick. Buck Harvey of the Express-News says Parker's made it easier to do so.

6. A restaurant in Lubbock opened and attracted 100 people waiting in line in the hopes of free food for a year.


5. Here is a great motorcycle "crash" in France. 


7. Hate this - neighbors cracking down on other neighbors who are violating watering restrictions, but really aren't.

8. Former Tyler JC star Jimmy Butler is expecting to be drafted tonight.

Cameron-diaz-03 9. Former co-flings Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake hooked up for a 'sex' scene in a new movie that was uncomfortable. Why do I think both managed to power through?

10. The FBI gets his man. The dude who inspired Jack Nicholson's character in "The Departed" has finally been caught. Whitey is going down. Yes, he's 81, but, still ... c'mon. A win is a win.

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