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Wednesday A.M. Hangover: The Good - Moreland Walk Off Win; The Horrid - J-Lo Is Returning to Movies

Mitch+Moreland+Oakland+Athletics+v+Texas+Rangers+UEbMI8155dAl 1. How about that little Mitch Moreland? A walk-off homer to defeat the Double-A Astros in extra innings.
Texas had been 1-25 in games it trailed after seven innings. 
Until Tuesday night  ... against the backdrop of a foreboding sky, and a God-awful Astros team. 

2. That was fun; A&M is out of the College World Series. And unlike UT, it will get no free pass to the title game. OK, so UT is out, too.

3. Lists are always good  - the Houston Chronicle lists the top basketball players ever in the Big 12.

4. The NBA draft is tomorrow, which means it's time to dial up the trade talk. Are the Spurs shopping Tony Longoria-Parker for a lottery pick?

5. A story in D Magazine about the economic impact/energy impact of sports in North Texas. My theory on this doesn't deviate - we all get rich and happy, when the home team wins.

6. Because this is what I want to do - a triathlon the whole family can enjoy.

7. The 'Monkey' has been busted in Mexico.

8. Stevie Nicks is going to go on tour? Really? OK ... we all need cash, I guess.

9. What is it with teacher's approaching their students about the naughty stuff? And why did this NEVER happen to me when I was a high schooler?

10. Looks like there will be an HBO show based loosely on Mike Tyson's early life as a boxer.

Jennifer lopez sexy butt 11. This still doesn't mean she can act, or her movies are any good: Jennifer Lopez is preparing to return to film. Please, God, NOOOO!!!!

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