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Tuesday Lone Star Hangover: Longhorns 2011 CWS Highlights on Longhorn Network Should be Fun

762809_14531705n00_hanna_montana_-_silver_boot_award__-__topps 1. The Rangers won the first game of The Silver Boot series. Plan a parade. Derek Holland may have the best stuff of any pitcher on this staff. My God, the Astros are awful.

(No, this shot of Hanna Cyrus with a Silver Boot trophy is not the trophy the Rangers and Astros play for.)

2. I'll hit this more later, but a "study" says an F1 race in Austin will bring in millions and millions to the area. 

3. WTH? The Horns are already out of the CWS? It's true. Can't wait to watch the 2011 Texas Longhorns CWS Highlights on the Longhorn Network. That should make for a very interesting five-minute TV show.

4. Can't believe it's been 10 years since the Spurs drafted a French man who would steal Eva Longoria's heart. Good work if you can get it.

5. Former Southlake Carroll and current Aggies pitcher Ross Stripling gives a lot of credit to his A&M college pitching coach for the success he's having.
Aggies play their elimination game today. 

6. A cool story on Willie Cager, one of those dudes from the Texas-Western 1966 men's basketball title team.

7. This former Tomballl star may be a first round NBA pick.

Megan_fox_01 8. Steven Spielberg had Megan Fox fired from Transformers? Who cares? Apparently Fox can't act, but she can speak which is good enough for director Michael Bay.

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