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Wade "Mr. Fix It" Phillips + the Houston Texans = A Love Affair of Mediocrity

79750_Phillips_Texans_Football Almost pity the Houston Texans fans. Team has been around since 2002 and its best win was its first regular-season game ever. They have had one winning season. How Gary Kubiak still has his job is a testament to being a decent guy. 

Treating people well buys you time. I'm guessing that Kubiak's persona helps offset his 37-43 record with the Texans. I've only talked to him once, and he was polite, professional and boring. But how else to explain his longevity?

There may not be a better breathing example of how far being a decent guy can get you than Kubiak's new defensive coordinator. Never has there been a more genial, avuncular coach than Wade Phillips. People want this guy to succeed because he's a nice, pleasant man to be around in an environment that is frequently over-loaded with self-important, pompous dudes who really do believe they are trying to win WWIII.

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle chatted with Phillips in this story about Wade's attempt to build the Texans' D into something more than a bad joke.

Never have I met a man in my career of covering sports who appeared to abhor confrontation more than Wade. It just wasn't in him to be mean. Not to players. Not to his assistants. Not even to a media dork like me.

A former Wade assistant from his previous head coaching days prior to the Cowboys told me after he had been dismissed from the staff that it was Wade's fingerprints all over the firing. But he didn't deliver the news face to face. And when the two saw each other at an NFL meeting months later, Wade looked away and wouldn't talk to the guy.

Another example had Wade bad mouthing a reporter behind his back, only he didn't realize the reporter could hear him. Once Wade realized he was "busted", he said he was talking about someone else.

Maybe he is a wonderful defensive coordinator. God knows he has the stats memorized to support his case. Seriously. When it comes to his own defensive stats, Wade is like Bill James.

But what does Wade win? 

You decide for yourself .... 

Yr      Team   Position      Rec.     Playoffs
1981   Saints   DC              4-12     none
1982   Saints   DC              4-5     none
1983   Saints   DC              8-8     none
1984   Saints   DC              7-9     none
*1985   Saints  DC              5-11    none
1986   Eagles   DC              5-10-1    none
1987   Eagles   DC              7-8    none
1988   Eagles   DC              10-6   0-1
1989   Denv     DC              11-5   2-1
1990   Denv     DC              5-11   none
1991   Denv     DC              12-4   1-1
1992   Denv     DC              8-8    none
1993   Denv     DC               9-7    0-1
1994   Denv     head coach    7-9   none
1995   Bills      DC              10-6   1-1
1996   Bills      DC                10-6   0-1
1997   Bills      DC               6-10   none
1998   Bills      head coach   10-6   0-1
1999   Bills      head coach   11-5   0-1
2000   Bills      head coach    8-8   none
2002   Atl       DC              9-6-1   1-1
#2003  Atl      DC              5-11   none
2004   SD        DC              12-4   0-1
2005   SD        DC              9-7    none
2006   SD        DC               14-2   0-1
2007   Dal      head coach    13-3    0-1
2008   Dal      head coach     9-7     none
2009   Dal      head coach    11-5    1-1
^2010  Dal      head coach    1-7     none

*1-3 as interim head coach
# 2-1 as interim head coach
^ Fired after eighth game

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u mad?

Still Blue

I guess Cowgirl fans are always looking for a scapegoat for their mediocrity. As you point and giggle at the Texans, ask yourself what the Cowgirls have accomplished since the Texans have been in the NFL. Now blame it all on Wade, lol. I bet the Texans have a better record than the Cowgirls next season.

Mike from Arlington

"Love affair of Mediocrity"..
So what does that mean for the Cowboys? They drafted before the Texans this year.. Horrible write up.


the previous comment, "Mike from Arlington" is a moron. I loved the article, it's title...all the facts included. Wade sucked. I think you over stated his success. He was a weak head coach. The thing really lost in translation is the talent he had and the support of a very aggressive owner. I liked Wade as a person, but as a coach the Cowboys are better off having him stay in Denver or Houston.


What statistic is more meaningless? QB wins or Defensive Coordinator wins?

Running Back

This is easily your best blog article. Wade had great talent but was too soft when it came to getting it done. he is a great guy and probably somebody fun to play a round of golf with, but i'm not sure I would pay $100 a ticket to see him coach a group of players. Say what you want about JJ, but they guy spends money on this team. Jerry blew too much cash and made a poor choice on this guy. Wade is a nice guy but he is not a head coach. And your stats bare that out just fine

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