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A Fort Worth basketball player who takes recruiting into his own hands

6a00d8341c630a53ef015390270799970b Came across this this morning ... a basketball player from Fort Worth Southwest Christian high school has taken the recruiting process in his own hands - right to the printer and YouTube.

Zeke Horton made his own business cards, and placed them all over the rental cars of the cars outside Las Vegas Bishop Gorman High School. This happens to be the school where a Fab 48 club tournament event is going on, where a large number of the nation's most prominent Division I coaches are attending.


Southwest Christian isn't exactly DeMatha High School, so getting noticed may not to be the easiest thing in the world. Here is Zeke's video of himself. My only advice? Edit this thing,  it's too long! But the kid has some game, and obviously some guts.



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This is a great article. Local story. Interesting. Totally different.

I gotta give it to the kid; putting technology to good use.

Good story!

John Horton

Way to go Zeke we are proud of you.
Grand Paw

Jim M.

Cool self promotion. Nice article. I need to do this.

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