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A little known fact about Kansas State coach Bill Snyder - he can help the babies sleep

Images DALLAS - Rather than use a collection of white-noise recordings to aid my 2-year-old daughter during bed-time, I now plan to use the audio from Kansas State coach Bill Snyder press conferences. This guy is the Herman Melville of college coaches; nobody does boring any better than Grandpa Bill.

He says nothing, but at least he appears polite doing so.

Take today for instance. His team was instrumental in college football's decision to change the rules regarding excessive celebration penalties. During KSU's loss against Syracuse in the YES Network Bowl (or something like that), the Cats' were flagged for excessive celebration after a late TD that brought KSU to within two late. KSU had to eat 15 yards, and didn't score the 2-point conversion and lost by two.

Here is the celebration. You decide if needed to be flagged. I'll help - it didn't. It was a garbage call made by an over-zealous referee.


During this past offseason the rule has been slightly changed so officials will take it a little easy on making calls that don't need to be made. Officials had gone too far and now have been asked to come back to the middle.

Snyder was asked about this today, and his response was ... dull.

"It had no impact that I'm aware of," he said. "The important thing is I don't know exactly how much the rule change itself will make. The important thing is continuity and how things are called. There was a lot of media attention paid to it. That perhaps had some impact on it. It was nothing I said."


A very close friend of mine who works in KC sports media told me that when Snyder retired the first time that he became a wealth of interesting and very helpful information to media dorks. The moment he returned as head coach, he became Grandpa Bill capable of putting us all to sleep.

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