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A time to pity a billion-dollar fast food chain

Inandout2 FORT WORTH - Hard really to pity a giant, cash killing-cow like Wendy's, but in this particular instance it is difficult not to muster at least a Frosty's worth of sympathy.

The photo above was taken this morning from the parking lot of a Wendy's that is all but adjacent to the new In and Out Burger that is nearly completed in Fort Worth's 7th Street district.

I am optimistic that while Wendy's will remain a viable company, and profitable, serving its slightly over-priced menu, this particular location may be better off dropping into a sinkhole for the forseeable future.

Seriously ... how many people plan to use Wendy's parking lot to walk over to this In and Out location? I am sure there will be a sign posted that won't allow said parking, but is the Wendy's manager going to patrol the lot with a broom?  It may be worth it to buy a Frostee at Wendy's, and then walk over to In and Out to stand in the four-hour lines that are expected.


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A Fan

Your continued coverage of this newsworthy story is admirable.

Next time we come to town, lets plan on parking at the Wendys and eating at In-And-Out Burger.

I'll treat everybody to a mouthwatering, heart attack, grease filled meal.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... in-and-out burger!

Double Mayo with Cheese

No question the new burger joint will give Wendy's a run for its money. And you are correct in saying Wendys is a little over priced.But lets face it. In and Out Burger has not cornered the market on fast food


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