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Big 12 minus 2 can get along - cheerleader love fest here in Dallas

DALLAS - Smart move by the Big 12 Minus 2 here at media days. Fully realizing that sports media is mostly comprised of a large pack of loser dorks who spend too much time gawking at women/girls that were and will never be interested in them to start with, the league has spread out a large number of cheerleaders from the various schools as "hostesses" here at the hotel.


Here is an example of Baylor getting along well with Texas.
On the left is UT junior Nicci Flores, all 4-foot-10 1/2 of her. Not kidding. That half inch is vital when you are this tall. This picture doesn't do justice how tall this girl is.

On the right is Amanda Haase of Baylor. She's a sophomore from Frisco. You can't see it, but her left eye is all jacked up from a cheerleading accident during a competition over the weekend. Nice and red. 


MailThis shot features Stephen Doss from Texas, he's a junior from Sherman. He was quick to say he's a "Third Year" student ... how very University of Virginia of him.
And the Baylor girl is Danielle Rutherford, a freshman from Hillsboro.




This shot features an A&M dude who is 6-foot-10, and apparently has no game. He's 6-10 and not on the court - WTH?
The Kansas girl is Emily Kempf, who is a senior from Denver.
The A&M dude is David Benack, a senior from Bourne.
And the OSU cheerleader is Megan Mayberry, a senior from that tourist trap known as Enid. 

 UPDATE: Because I just realized that has linked to this, here are a few more you are likely going to want to check. Just being honest here.

Here is one

And here is another.


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