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Cowboys 2009 draft class is just above junk status

The Cowboys' decision to cut OT Robert Brewster pretty much confirms what we all suspected during the 2009 NFL draft - the Cowboys blew it. Across the board. This was the draft when Jerry and Wade continually traded down, and were going for special teamers. Instead they got mostly a collection of guys who weren't good enough.

Check this out ...

69. Jason Williams, OLB, Western Ill. Fast. Very athletic. Very raw. And couldn't play. Cut by the Cowboys last season, he was picked up by Carolina.

75. Robert Brewster, OT, Ball State. Big, slow and couldn't play. Recently cut.

4251983 101. Stephen McGee, QB, Texas A&M. Looks the part, but he either breaks through this camp as a viable NFL backup, or he's going to be passed over soon.

110. Victor Butler, DE, Oregon State. Maybe the best of the bunch. Has been a rotation guy in each of the past two seasons with a combined five sacks.

120. Brandon Williams, DE, Texas Tech. Missed all of his rookie year with a torn ACL. He played in six games last season.

143. DeAngelo Smith, CB, Cincinnati. Never played with the team, and has since bounced around the league doing little.

166. Michael Hamlin, FS, Clemson. Cut in 2010.

172. David Buehler, K, USC. Wonderful rookie season as a kickoff specialist, very sporadic last season when made the regular FG kicker.

197. Stephen Hodge, OLB, TCU. Injuries forced this much-too-small linebacker out of football. This guy was never going to make it.

Cowboys-John-Phillips-scores-a-touchdown-against-the-Eagles 208. John Phillips, TE, Virginia. Probably the best of this class. He was developing, and moving ahead of Martellus Bennett, but he suffered a season-ending injury in the Hall of Fame game last season. He should push Bennett this fall, and take his job.

227. Mike Mickens, CB, Cincinnati. Stuck around for a short period in '09 on the practice squad but didn't do anything.

229. Manuel Johnson, WR, Oklahoma. Played in two games, and caught one pass for six yards in 2010 for the Cowboys in the regular-season finale in Philly.

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The Sports Authority

No doubt about this one. Absolute stinker of a class. What I hate the most is investing a 4th round pick on Stephen McGee.

I've said it before...someone name a guy who made it in the NFL with this resume: In and out as a starter, run oriented scheme and below average team success at a major university - name one.

What makes that move worse, is it has prevented Dallas from taking chances on guys like Colt McCoy (3rd round - a year later). Of course, some may say that's beeter than what they had been doing...disregarding mid-late round QB prospects altogether like not taking a shot at Dennis Dixon (5th round - Steelers.

Thank God Dallas lucked out with UDFA Romo, whom I have no complaints about given our previous 10 years of QB play, or who knows what Dallas QB situation would be today.

But had the Dallas braintrust been smart...maybe it's the Cowboys parlaying a backup QB into a 25-yr old Pro Bowl corner and 2nd round pick. Instead we're stuck with McGee, who has no value. Fact of the matter...nobody would've even drafted McGee.

I'm sure it gets my goat more, mostly, because I knew the drafting of McGee meant we don't draft Colt. And this came on the heels of passing on Jamaal Charles (3rd round pick) and taking Marty B over JerMichael Finley.

If Jones had a better track record, I would admit I should be patient. But he doesn' rant is justified.

Johnny Tabasco

Colt McCoy? Who cares about Colt McCoy? Not even much of an improvement over McGee at all.

Hermann C.

I have bled the cowboys silver and blue for a long time. Long enough that I agree with you. The 'Boyz need a transfusion of young, hard charging talent. Most people give owner Jerry Jones a hard time. I am not one of them. Jerry spends the money, trys hard to develop and bring in talent. The Cowboys just haven't been winning in the playoffs. That's it. Doing better in the draft could be the cure. We are really close. I think the remarkable thing is that the Cowboys continue to win ball games despite that fact that they draft poorly. The Cowboys are close. A huge improvement in the draft would be great. But at this point, I think a small improvement in the draft could mean big things for this organization. Jason Garrett could be the guy to get it done. We need better younger players. I think we are closer than people think. Get to the playoffs then win. Thats what we got get done. Win in the playoffs.


I agree with some of what you have said here. I wonder how the Texans have done in the draft? The Cowboys get a lot of national attention. I wonder if the Cowboys have faired all that differently from other teams. Drafting quality players is a tough sport.

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