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Dear Mr. Goodell, Please Cut the Preseason In Half

Roger-Goodell4 Preseason NFL football is a Madoffian rip-off. The only difference is unlike Madoff's clients who didn't know they were getting screwed, every NFL fan knows this is a half-priced product at the same price.

Remember when Roger Goodell was pushing hard for an 18-game regular season schedule, and it was such a sure thing that Colts boss Bill Polian (not Mr. Manning) said it was a done deal on a radio show? It only feels like five years ago rather than just five months ago.

As the NFL labor talks continue and appear to be making progress, talk of an 18-game regular season is gone. Good. 
But there is no talk of changing the four-game preseason from its present format. Bad. This is Tron 2 type bad.

Goodell created an impression of doing something for the season-ticket buying fan by taking away two of the four preseason games and adding them to the regular season. In that system, the season ticket holder is only buying one preseason ticket. As you likely know, the cost of a preseason NFL game is the same as a regular season game, which is criminal. 

So if Goodell is going to do the right thing by the fan, keep at least one half of the proposal by reducing the number of preseason games from four to two. Every home stadium gets one preseason game, and one game of free cash where the owners don't have to pay the help (the players).

Four is too many these days. Only about one quarter to a third of the players in the preseason games actually tries. Coaches don't show much. There is no more over-practiced sport than football, and these guys are in shape rear round. With the amount of roster turnover every summer, September is the real preseason anyway.

Mr. Goodell, please do us all a favor and keep the 16 game season as is, but cut the preseason in half. We know, as product buying NFL fans, the preseason is a scam and we're all in this together getting hosed. Four preseason games rubs it on our faces.

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NFL Junkie

The preseason is a joke.That is no secret. I appreciate the owners desire for cash. But i think the focus should be on making the product better; not cutting games or whatever. Ive often thought the preseason could be improved up if give the games some value. For example; if you go undefeated in the preseason you automatically get a wild card birth in the playoffs or if you go undefeated you get ONE extra win towards the regular season or maybe you are allowed to carry one extra player on your squad for the whole year..... they gotta do something to make people want to watch. Put a little 'pa-zzaz' or 'wow' factor in the game. Football is great. Maybe they could bring in a couple popular college athletes or even high school athletes to play in the games. There has got to be a way to pump up the preseason. But you gotta get the conversation focused on 'what makes the game fun' instead of just cutting games

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