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Do you trust any of the Rangers' starting five to be a prime-time hammer?

Holland051309 With the Indians going all-out to acquire Rockies' right hander Ubaldo Jimenez, the Rangers appear to be OK with their starting five. 
Is this a good thing?
The way both Matt Harrison and Derek Holland have been going since the All-Star break, it's hard not to be happy with their production.

But do you trust any of the starting five - Wilson, Holland, Lewis, Harrison, Ogando - to be a lock-down, hammer in a five or seven-game series? That's what it takes to win a series: A pitcher that can't be touched. That's how the Giants defeated the Rangers.

After the Rangers acquired Cliff Lee last year, he didn't earn his check until the ALDS against Tampa Bay when he all but won that series by himself. His game against the Yankees during the ALCS in NYC demoralized the entire city. 

Because it appears that Rangers GM Jon Daniels is intent on solidifying his bullpen, which isn't a bad idea, this means the Rangers think one of their current five can be a hammer in a series. Possibly two.

I am a big believer in Wilson's makeup, in Lewis' ability to figure out how to pitch, and in the collective stuff of Holland, Harrison and Lewis. 

But do you trust this starting staff to be able to win a five or a seven-game series, and can any of these five go it alone and win two starts in an ALDS, ALCS or World Series?

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