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Does Flozell having anything left?

Adams This time a year ago the thought was the long, long-time Cowboys starting left tackle Flozell Adams was done, so the team cut him.
The Steelers picked him up, moved him to the right side where he started 16 games and made the Super Bowl. His first.

The Steelers have cut Adams to make room for another guy after Flo declined to remain with the team as a backup.

He was the only member of that O-line to play all 16 games in Pittsburgh last season, and showed he had something left. He's 36 and clearly near the end, but will a team give him one more shot to play? He's probably earned that.

Flozell remains one of the most frustrating, yet productive, Cowboys of the last decade. The guy was reliable, played well enough, yet was consistently crucified by fans and media for not being good enough. When Flo was bad, he was awful. But when he was good, no one seemed to ever notice.

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Go get him Cowboys. Put him at Right Guard and sign him for a year. He is an upgrade at the Right guard spot


This guy can play. He'll find a home in the NFL.


"When Flo was bad, he was awful. But when he was good, no one seemed to ever notice"...... sorta like the sports reporters at the Star. Dang we miss Ray Buck, Blackie and a full time Randy.

Pat C

I'm amazed Flozell is still playing. Physicaly, he has some gifts. I think he has another 1 to 3 seasons in him barring some huge injury. I agree with you. When he is 'on' he is very good

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