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Does it taste like chicken? Former Mavs center tries to eat his weed to avoid arrest

72376332_display_image Samaki Walker may not have done anything worth remembering in 10 NBA seasons, but what he did last week should put the former Mavs center in some sort of Hall of Fame.

According to this story in the Las Vegas Review Journal, Walker was stopped by the cops for a traffic violation after which he tried to eat a bunch of marijuana to avoid a serious arrest.

Didn't work. The cops got about 10 grams of marijuana from Walker's car, as well as some prescription drugs, too. 

I love this - Walker admitted the prescription drugs were steroids that he takes because still plays pro ball in Syria. This makes me want to watch every single athletic event ever held in Syria; these guys can all use PEDs without the shame of violating rules.

If you don't remember, Walker was drafted in the first round out of Louisville by the Mavs in 1996. He spent three seasons here, where he never played in more than 43 games. 

Perhaps we're too quick to judge Walker on this. After all, who actually eats weed? Maybe it's tasty.


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Ben Johnson

Give the guy a break. Maybe he was just hungry. Steriod/PEDs will do that to your appetite.

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