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Fort Worth & Texas A&M golfer ready to "Rory" U.S. Women's Open

Michelle-wie-picture-1 Ever since Michelle Wie became the Freddy Adu of women's golf I gave up on the sport. OK, OK ... so I never watched it before Wie.
It was just nice to see a sport as avoided as women's golf get the same treatment as the rest of the big hitter sports in that it also has an over-publicized, over-hyped athlete who doesn't merit the attention. 

When the 2011 U.S. Women's Open begins at The Broadmoor this in Colorado Springs I will be following the scoresheet to see how one of Fort Worth's youngest is doing. 

Chelsea Mocio is a kick-A golfer who won state as a higher schooler at Arlington Heights. Mocio has qualified for the U.S. Women's Open as an amateur. Tony Romo can't qualify for a U.S. Women's Open but this little girl can as a teenager? She needs to be the Cowboys starting quarterback.

(In the name of selective journalistic integrity - I know Chelsea's mom and dad. That scores a solid 9 on the Name Drop Scale)

0626hsgolf_sm192134827.27483805_std Mocio just completed her freshman season at Texas A&M.  According to the Aggie site, Mocio averaged a 79 in seven tournaments this season. 
To give you some idea, I shot a 79 recently as well. That the 79 was through nine holes is irrelevant. What is relevant is that a woman did not beat a man's score.

Mocio is in Colorado now practicing, and begins her tournament round on Thursday with the rest of the over-hyped pros, including Wie.

Tear it up, sister!

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