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Friday Lone Star Hangover: It's just a ball

ULRAN.St.58 1. Derek Holland's complete game shutout against the A's was completely thrown to the side by the tragic news that a fan died after falling 20 feet to try to catch a ball.

There is nothing to be said about this tragedy other than the obvious - this just sucks.

2. The Oregon football recruiting scandal is led by a Houston man named Willie Lyles. A good writeup of Lyles in the Houston Chronicle.

3. Totally lost track of this girl I once covered when she was in high school - former Granbury and Texas Tech star Jia Perkins plays in the WNBA in San Antonio. Apparently she's struggling with her jumper right now.

4. The UT Longhorn Sports Network has made a lot of hires, including some names you may have heard of. I haven't, but maybe you have.

5. So bizarre this is finally here - NASA's 30-year space shuttle program ends. Remember what a big deal a launch once was? 

6. I actually like this: James Spader is joining the cast of The Office. This show might be able to pull this off with Steve Carrell leaving. Most power shows with one dominant player like this die, but every once in a while there is a Cheers that can sustain a Shelly Long departure and keep rolling.

7. Just give Meryl Streep another Oscar right now for her role as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady.

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