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Immediate reax: Rangers gave up too much to acquire that girl from Star Trek

320x240 The Rangers' need for a more reliable reliever could be spelled A-r-t-h-u-r and R-h-o-d-e-s. But to trade both Tommy Hunter and Chris Davis to the Orioles for former Starship Enterprise chief communications officer Lt. Uhura was too much.

This is the going price for relievers these days. It's always, always a seller's market for hard throwing relievers, but in the end the team that deals them usually ends up on the winning end of the trade. Short-inning relievers, historically, simply blow hot and cold and you're never sure which pitcher you're going to get from year to year.

I have never been a huge believer in Hunter; he's a mostly going to be a four/five guy at the very best. 

Davis will eventually figure out how to hit major league pitching. It took Nelson Cruz a long time, but now look at him. This is the one the Rangers will regret. That said, it was time for Davis to go. It's understandable the Rangers finally gave up on him, and he needs a fresh start. Although being dealt to Baltimore is like a Soviet soldier being sent to Siberia.

In return for dealing these two the Rangers receive a solid 36-year-old Koji Uehara. This is an immediate upgrade for Wash to have in the seventh or eighth innings. With Mark Lowe, the Rangers have the right side covered. In 43 games, Uehara is 1-1 with a 1.72 ERA. Opponents are batting .152 against him.

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Beavis Montana

Rangers gave up too much? You've never been "a huge believer in Hunter" and "it was time for Davis to go." You've just out argued yourself.

Panama Bob

Daniels may have out done Daniels in moving players that will probably come back to haunt him.

Hunter will probably blossum in cooler weather and fresh hands in Baltimore.

Davis will eventually hit, you may remember another 1st baseman the Rangers gave up on, Adrian Gonzales.

Beavan in Seattle will also haunt them, just watch. We let Jamie Moyer go and all he did was pitch forever.

History should show the new management a better path... than win for now and mortgage the future.

The Gorn

Nice Starship Enterprise reference.
Lt Uhura is a fan favorite.

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