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It's official: the Texans nailed the '06 1st rd. & the USC-Texas '06 BCS title game was full of underachievers

77721385 The Saints' decision to trade former USC song girl heart throb and potential Kardashian running back Reggie Bush to the Dolphins confirms that the first round of the 2006 NFL draft was nailed by the Houston Texans and their decision to draft NC State defensive end Mario Williams with the No. 1 selection.

The "greatest collection of college talent" ever assembled on one field - the '06 USC/UT BCS title game - has produced mostly a collection of NFL flops, relative to the hype.

Here is a look at the Texas and USC players that were drafted in the NFL following the "Greatest Game in the History of Football".

As you can see, the hype seldom matches the production.

1. Texans, DE Mario Williams, NC State. 48 sacks in five NFL seasons. He's dominant, but his team is bad.

2. Saints, RB Reggie Bush, USC. A unique threat, but he's only played 16 games once and he's not the guy the Saints leaned on during their run to the Super Bowl. A good player, but not the No. 2 overall pick. A poster child why few running backs are seldom worth drafting this high.

Vince Young Texas 3. Titans, QB Vince Young, Texas. An NFL talent who just doesn't fit the NFL mold for a QB. These guys never make it, and VY is without a team after the Titans dumped him.

10. Cardinals, QB Matt Leinart, USC. The Cardinals knew they weren't going to win with him, he's gone and recently signed a free agent deal with the Texans to jump-start an NFL career that appears destined for the bench.

39. Eagles, OT Winston Justice, USC. A lot of questions surrounded this kid coming out, but he's been a starter for the past two seasons with the team that drafted him. A good pick.

41.  Cardinals, OG Deuce Lutui, USC. Basically a starter since he was drafted; he has started 16 games in each of the past three seasons. Great pick.

45. Titans, RB LenDale White, USC. Perhaps one of the most frustrating players on the board, the Titans rolled on the dice on White and since then he's proven to be another case of a talented guy who can't get out of his own way. He's been with the Titans, Seahawks and Broncos already. A torn Achilles forced him to miss all of last season in Denver.

48. Vikings, CB Cedric Griffin, Texas. A solid starter for the Vikings, he suffered a torn ACL last season and missed most of the year.

86. Patriots, TE David Thomas, Texas. Mostly a blocker in his career between the Pats and Saints, he caught 30 passes for 219 yards in 2010 in New Orleans.

91. Bengals, DE Frostee Rucker, USC. A solid talent who was loaded with questions coming into the '06 draft, he's been a rotation player in Cincy. He hasn't played all 16 games in his career.

93. Rams, TE Dominique Byrd, USC. Played three seasons with two teams before getting cut prior to the start of the 2010 season.

101. Raiders, LB Darnell Bing, USC. Played for the Raiders, 49ers, Jets and Lions. He didn't play last season.

Images 141. Lions, OT Jonathan Scott, Texas. Played for three teams, including last season with the Steelers where he started nine games.

163. Seahawks, FB David Kirtman, USC. Played, barely, three seasons between Seattle and SF. Has not played since 2008.

205. Eagles, DT LaJuan Ramsey, USC. Spent two seasons in Philly, one in Indy, another in St. Louis. He did not play in 2010.

217. Lions, OG Fred Matua, USC. Listed on the rosters of the Titans in 2005 and Browns in 2006. 

226. Dolphins, DT Rodrique Wright, Texas. Played three seasons in Miami. Hasn't played since 2009.

The best NFL career belongs to ...
Either Reggie Bush, or Winston Justice.  

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Good article. Good research.

I think its still too early to cast a final judgement on Reggie Bush.

Bush has talent. And Miami could be a great fit.

I'm hoping he realizes his potential. He is exciting and good for the league.

The Sports Authority

How can you say Houston "won" when the franchise 5 seasons later has yet to have a winning record or reach the playoffs.

With QB being a more important position than DE, Young not only won AFC ROY honors but followed that with a playoff appearance in year two. Remember, he got hurt in game one the following year and didn't get to play again until TN started out 0-6 a season later.

Given his early performance and investment, who would've treated their QB that way? Hmm...maybe USC alums Jeff Fisher, the head coach, and Norm Chow, the OC, who were forced by Bud Adams to pick Young when they wanted Leinart. Young isn't without culpability by to not lay any at the feet of what has to be one of the most overrated "geniuses" of pro football in Jeff Fisher is more than irresponsible.

There are only 2 people that get a record next to their name in the NFL...the coach and the QB. TN was 30-18 with Young as a starter. Without him during that time? Under .500 - and get this...Young took TN to the playoffs BEFORE Chris Johnson's arrival.

USC ties cut deep and it's obvious when you see what Pete Carroll is doing up in Seattle. Instead of looking at a proven NFL winner in VY...he goes out and hands Tavarius Jackson $4 million per? Jeff Fisher holds as much responsibility as Young in that failed marriage.

Ask the fans who ACTUALLY watched TN - they'll tell ya.

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