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Just be careful about Chuck Greenberg bid for Dallas Stars

Would-be-owner-chuck-greenberg-has-the-money-and-moxie-to-lead-the-texas-rangers-back-to-relevancy-and-into-the-playoffs_4625146_40 A Dallas Stars source confirmed that former Texas Rangers owner Chuck Greenberg has been approved as a potential buyer for the club.

Whether it's Greenberg, or Vancouver businessman Tom Gaglardi who still has the exclusive rights to actually buy the team, it just needs to be done by Sept. 1. And whatever group that buys the team must actually have the capital to operate the team as a franchise that realizes it's going to have to lose some money upfront and make some investments across the boards to see an eventual profit.

If the NHL approves a buyer that is hoping to make a quick buck, or just not lose money, the real losers are going to be the Stars and their declining fan base. This roster is OK, everything needs an influx of cash to bring everything else up to code. If the NHL approves a buyer that is committed to investing in marketing, players, etc. everyone should flourish.

Not sure if that's Greenberg. His time with the Rangers was so brief it's hard to gauge what type of owner he will be. On the surface, looks great. Same with Mark Cuban, but I fear his deep interest in the Stars is primarily to control the interest of the American Airlines Center.

Greenberg strikes me as a former Stars president Jim Lites guy - a high-end car salesman who loved hockey and wanted to win.  

If he has the money and he's willing to spend it, bring him on.

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