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Lance Armstrong blames the "bad guys" - the media, & the U.S. govt.

Lancearmstrong Lance Armstrong now blames the media for his problems. Apparently he's not happy about having a pile of information leaked to the media that reads, "I'm guilty, and full of crap."

Armstrong's lawyers have said illegal government leaks are the reason why mammoth media outlets such as 60 Minutes, the AP, Sports Illustrated and a few others have published or aired damning stories that the seven-time Tour de France champion was a roid guy.

Click here for a full version of this latest Armstrong story. 

Why do I think Armstrong wouldn't have a problem with details leaked that say Armstrong saved cats stuck in trees?

The way this story is evolving Armstrong is likely going to be thrown in the same lot as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and a host of other sports "heroes". We know their accomplishments are more than very likely tainted by a syringe. The evidence to suggest they used is pretty overwhelming, but it can't be proven in court. Even if it is chances are good there is a growing sector of the population that regards Armstrong as a guy who was exceptional at his craft, used PEDs to be even better at what he did to secure long-term personal fame and fortune, and no one got hurt in the process.

Ultimately, he wins but there is a price to secure his "victory".

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Disappointing. He was a great champion. I hope this one isn't true.


none of these sports figures are ever going to be caught.bonds got off, clemens is gonna find a way..... armstrong has all the cash in the world. sadly, ca$h justice will probably prevail


Neither Bonds nor Clemens have been tested even one tenth the amount of times that Armstrong has been tested. While Floyd Landis, Tyler Hamilton, Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso, and even Alberto Contador as well as many many other bike racers have failed tests, Armstrong has not. When you can explain to me why and how he is the "only" one of them that knows how to "beat" the test, then I will start to believe it. Until then you are simply besmirching someone who has only been accused by others who have already proven to be liars and especially Landis and Hamilton, who both used the accusations to launch book publications as they had no other means left to make money besides find a job like the rest of us.....

John W. Booth

armstrong looks guilty to me. the results he posted in racing alone give way to suspision

Juicy Juice

Armstrong is not "guilty" like Bonds, Clemens, Sosa, Arnold, and so many others.

Let's just say he is propery nourished or 'juiced'

Dara Torres

I can't believe people!!! Lance Armstrong is as clean and drug free as I am!!!


i wished i looked as good as he does. whatever he is doing; it's working

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