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Let the Robert Griffin for Heisman campaign begin ... with a notebook!

2011-07-25_10-45-04_961 DALLAS - Baylor QB Robert Griffin is not going to win the Heisman, but if he gets invited to NYC for the ceremony it's a win for the school, the program, and RGIII. The private school in Waco is going to spend the necessary cash to see that he has a chance, beginning with ... this notebook.

BAM! That just happened! 

It's like Nicholas Sparks combines with football, only not.

Check this thing out. Spiral bound. Paper on the inside. Multi-colored on the front, and back.

Seriously ... this is a great kid, and personally I hope he makes it to NYC. People in Texas and the Big 12 Minus 2 know how good this guy is, but he deserves some national recognition.

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The Producer

Love to see this kid have a great season. He is exciting and could do some big things for Baylor. But the Heisman is probably a stretch; even getting invited to NY. To win the Heisman he is going to have to have a huge season AND WIN GAMES. It will suprise me if Baylor has enough 'quality' wins to get him to NY. All that said, it promises to be an exciting year. Guys like Griffin don't make their way to Baylor's campus often enough

Randy G

Griffin is one of the best QBs in the country this year, but Baylor's schedule is brutal.

TCU = Loss
usally an easy oppenent, this year last year's rose bowl winner will roll over Baylor

Stephen Austin = win
if baylor doesn't crush this team, turn out the lights on heisman talks or a winning season

Rice = win
should be easy given griffins talent, but rice always plays us tuff

Kansas State = loss
k state will probaby beat us. if we win, baylor might have a shot at heisman talks and a decent year. k state probably wins

Iowa State = loss
like tcu, used to be an easier opponent, but in recent years they have stepped up. griffin will have to be on his game to make this a win

Texas A&M = loss
we lose. done

Oklahoma State = loss
tradition. we lose again

Missouri = loss
great team; bigger/stronger/faster/better paid...

Kansas = win
kansas is going to be tougher this year than most people think. we could lose this one

Oklahoma = loss
tradition. we lose

Texas Tech = WIN!
they should have kept leach

Texas = lose
tradition but i could see griffin playing big given all the attention

Love to see Griffin have a great year, Baylor win a bunch of games, but i've been over the schedule again and again and i don't see it happening. Griffin is awesome but he can't play all 11 spots on offense

too bad. he should have played at texas. he could have been a contender

Randy G!

Thanks Randy G! America appreciates your bloated post! Next time post a link to your blog. Because you're opinions are too important to be concealed in such a miniscule forum.

Tommy H

Randy G,
RG3 won't get invited to New York. That's the only thing you have correct in your astute observations. 1.) Phil Bennet is going to change the defense. It will no longer be a shootout for Baylor in every game. 2.) this team brings back most of its players from last year. 3.) you're an idiot.
TCU=Win, this isn't the same TCU team that thumped Baylor right out of the gate last year. The two biggest weapons on this team are now gone. Along with Key defensive players like Wayne Daniels(from my hometown).
Kansas State=Win, I don't see how you have this one calked up as a loss seeing as how Baylor beat Kstate last year and Kstate was better last year. That guy Daniel Thomas? Yeah he's in the NFL now and he was their whole team.
Iowa State=Win, ISU is much better over the past few years but on paper we win this matchup all day and it's in Waco.
Texas A&M=Loss, the Aggies are going to be good this year, but lets not forget that Baylor was up 30-14 at Halftime of last years battle of the Brazos.
OSU=Loss, Ok state returns Weeden and the best reciever in college football, but they also lose their OC Holgerson who is now the HC at WVU and Kendall Hunter so this could go either way.
Mizzou=Win, come on, Baylor beat this team last time they played @ Mizzou, and they had Gabbert then and don't now.
Texas Tech=win, Baylor should have beat them the past 3 years in a row.
Texas=win, this game is at home and Baylor beat this team last year in ausitn, Texas has changed a lot this last year and it will take awhile to build a raport with the new offense.

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