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Mavs' poster-child Ian Mahinmi says Kobe is more what than LeBron?

Lebron-james-ian-mahinmi Mavs reserve center Ian Mahinmi has more NBA rings than Ewing, LeBron, Malone, Stockton, Reggie, Barkley and a host of others so that makes qualified to talk about the Association however he wants.

Mahinmi, who is French, said in an interview in his native language that Kobe is more arrogant than LeBron. Beware - this link is in Francois. Godspeed reading it.

This is the quote you'll care about: 

“Kobe is super arrogant but everybody loves him. To me, Kobe is more arrogant (than LeBron James)," Mahinmi said.

BAM! Take that King James! Not only can you not win an NBA title, you're not even as arrogant as Madame Kobe Bryant. You're being called out by Ian Mahinmi. 

The same Ian Mahinmi you posterized in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.



I've interviewed both Kobe and LeBron, in a large setting and again with just a couple of media hacks talking to them. They were nice and professional. But my question to Mahinmi, or anyone else is: How the hell can they not be arrogant? They are more than likely surrounded by a flock of sycophants whose job security relies on them to tell them how great they are. After a while, they're going to believe that "Yeah, they're right ... I really did invent water."

Mahinmi's comment is like the fattest award-winning hog. Kobe may only be winning this thing by an ounce or two, but it confirms what we all know - LeBron James still can't win it all.

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Nice zinger. Way to end your story. "LeBron still can't win it all." Well played sir. Well played.

Chris Ross

I don’t think what Ian Mahinmi is saying is necessarily false. I mean, Kobe is known around the league as one of the most arrogant guys and all Mahinmi did was make his statement public. I’m not sure how relevant it is that he is a 3rd string center. He has the ability to voice his opinion as he is an NBA player so why not just answer the question. No one can answer a question honestly these days. I’m not sure what Ian Mahinmi’s getting from the media is fair at this point.

G. Massollamy

I liked Mahinmi comments. The NBA has gotten too soft. Players make too much money, push the owners around, and I'm not convinced they really care about winning night in and night out like older players cared. I keep hoping one of the things that comes out of the new CBA is an enviroment where players are not nearly as cozy with one another. I like comments like these. I'd like to see teams unify and teammates watching each other's backs.


Maybe arrogance means something different in French. So Mr. Mahinmi of all the topics you could have talked about regarding Kobe or Lebron you chose arrogance? How arrogant is that?

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