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Mean Girls - The 7 girls 7 years later

Mean-girls Let us all agree that in 2004 there may not have been a hotter rising actress than Lindsay Lohan. She was actually talented, and she had all the makings of an even better Ann Margaret. The red hair, the voice ... forget it. Game over.
And when she appeared in Mean Girls there was no doubt that among this cast of talented girls none of her cast mates had the makings to rake in crazy cash. Yet here we are seven years later in 2011, of the seven women in this film, none have managed to do less with more.

Lindsay-Lohan-Hair-Style Lindsay Lohan - Cady Heron
Been busted a few times. Appeared a few times on Ugly Betty. For some reason lost gobs of weight, and
dyed that red hair blonde.

Rachel McAdams - Regina George
A big Hollywood star; she's going to work forever. She's done indie flicks, and the big Hollywood titles. The best of the bunch ... other than Tina Fey.

Amanda Seyfried - Karen Smith
Of all the cast mates from this movie her success is ... surprising? She's worked her way into hit after hit, including Mama Mia.

Lizzy Caplan - Janis Ian
She had a minor role in this movie, but has consistently landed gigs ever since, including a supporting role in 127 Hours. In this business, that's a major score.  

Lacey-chabert-picture-1 Lacey Chabert - Gretchen Wieners
Despite her eye-candy appearance in a town that worships junk food, Chabert never really went big the way some others from this flick did. She's worked, but nothing major. 

Tina Fey - Ms. Norbury
She wrote this film, and Fey could turn dog poop into gold these days. There may not be a more talented funny woman in the country right now.

Amy Poehler - Mrs. George
Left a long-time slot on SNL and is now a regular on Parks and Recreation.

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Kelly R.

this is some serious hard hitting journalism! you should probably win an award for this. nice article

Brent Gauge

Who knew a total piece of garbage like this would produce so many stars. Almost as shocking is that Lindsay Lohan could throw away her career so quickly

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