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No more Hope - U.S. needed Briana Scurry in net

Blog_hope_solo Watching the U.S. women's WC team blow a 1-0 late in regulation and then a 2-1 lead very, very late in the extra time it's become obvious that Hope Solo no longer has it. She gagged late, and then was out-played in the penalty kick session to help send the Americans home in shame. The island nation of Japan has won the women's World's Cup.

If you're not first, you're last. Second place is the first one to lose.

The U.S. team is in denial, holding on to its glorious 2008 gold medal win led by their good-looking goalie that they can no longer admit they need to dump Han Solo's daughter in favor of Briana Scurry. Scurry.190


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You are an idiot that obviously knows nothing about this game.

First-time visitor to the Star-Telegram who will probably not return

If writers like these are actually employed by daily newspapers in the U.S., then it's no wonder the whole industry is going down the drain. My guess is that this writer didn't even watch the game, based on the "analysis" - if you can even call it that - written in his post. Lapses in defense across the board, not poor goalkeeping, cost the U.S. this game. Congratulations to Japan.


Nice try. 99% of people who watched the game will disagree with this. Solo is one of the best players on the team, her talent is undeniable. A team loses as a whole, everyone made mistakes.


This is so ridiculous that I'm genuinely hoping that this blog has been hacked. If you said this in the presence of people who actually had soccer knowledge, you would be laughed out of the room. It wasn't the fact that we couldn't finish on the dozen plus shots we had on goal. It wasn't the fact we only made one penalty kick. It was Hope Solo's fault and we should have had an almost 40 year old retired keeper in goal. Yeah, that makes sense.


Ahahaha this is obviously a joke......right?


That assessment is ridiculous. Did you even watch the game? It wasn't Hope Solo's fault, it was our dozen missed attempts on goal, and our missed penalty shots. Hope Solo is considered to be the best goal keeper in the world by a vast number of people, and she won the award for best goal keeper of the tournament. Do some research next time.

Mark Unger

You're a f***ing idiot!!!!!!!

Grant Wahl

The Big Mac Blog? Credibility is missing.


I agree completely. She is a selfish person poor teammate, and completely overrated. I hope this is her last international game ...

Ellis Hughman

Briana Scurry is 39 years old and has retired from soccer.

Are you trying to get fired?


Isn't this obviously just a parody of Hope Solo's attack on Brianna Solo in 2007? Not the world's best parody, but I see where it is coming from.

I thought Solo played well enough to win it for the US today... but when you are on record as taking a ahot at Brianna Scurry and then lose the World Cup Final in a shootout... the comparisons are goint to be made.


Scurry sucked when she played and now she crys cause Hope is sooooo much better than she ever dreamed of


You apparently need hits on this site or are blind. Two defenders playing ‘pass the ball’ to each other in front of Solo and the net had nothing to do with a goal? Nor did the possible deflection of Sawa’s shot off a US teammate? And Solo saving a PK isn’t enough because it’s perfectly okay for 3 kickers to miss their shots, all in a row?! You know, I too wonder if Scurry ever had a game like this one.

Kevin Vqn Hooydonck

solo was voted 3th best player on tournament honey
she did not missed 3 pen


Spot on. Spot on. Karma is a bitch. I wished there were someone to throw her under the bus.


Great post. Gutsy. Solo is great but Briana got the job done. Tuff loss. Loved the game. Bummer outcome.

M. James

I hurt for Women's USA Soccer program. GREAT effort. Great game. We just came up a little short. Solo looked great. Brianna got it done when it was her turn. Maybe Hope will get another shot. I hope so. Life is too short. And she is a GREAT GREAT GREAT player. It would be a great ending to her career to see her back in the World Cup and win.


Sad to watch USA lose. Those ladies played their guts out. Great game, AWESOME TOURNEYMENT! It would have been wonderful to watch the Ladies US win the Cup, but Japan was a great story. It would have been excellent if our team would have won, but if there was one other team I was rooting for, it was Japan. That country has had a very rough time of it this past year. I am happy for Japan. They played with great heart and their country really needs a boost.

Your Mom

I'm gonna sum my response up to the writer of this post in one word.... DOUCHEBAG!

Soccer Fan

What a terrific tourneyment!!!!! WoW! Too much fun! Give to Japan. They played the better game. Next time!

Big Mac Blog Reader


This is a great blog. Keep at it. Have an opinion. Don't waiver. And keep at it.

I enjoy reading your stuff from time to time. Colorful. Insightful. Interesting. Fun.

Keep up the good work,
A Reaer

I thought Hope Solo played her guts out.


Ability aside (I'm not a soccer expert by any means, so I'll leave that part alone) - Hope Solo displayed a lack of class and sportsmanship by her behavior in 2007. Through her public petulance - she disrespected the coach and her veteran teammate (Brianna Scurry).

I wondered how she could get away with her graceless tantrum. I've concluded that the privileges that are bestowed on one for being white and attractive had a lot to do with her not being called out for her behavior. If the roles had been reversed - had Brianna Scurry behaved that way - Scurry would have been lynched by the media and by outraged U.S. spectators.

That 2007 incident revealed some ugly things about Hope Solo and (yet again) American media/society.

I agree with what someone else wrote: it's possible that this blog is making snide reference to Hope's deplorable behavior in 2007. I mean, the U.S. lost - so another goalie should have played in Hope's spot. Right, Hope?

James Klingman

STFU! You moron. You have no clue about the game. Perhaps you can tell me ( without going to someone else for the information) what the problem in the flat back four in relation to the lack of support in the holding midfielders on the counter.
You are an idiot.


Hope blew it.She is a great goalie and has grown her understanding of how to become a better ambassidor of the game & better role model to the young women that look up to her. She could have played better. I love the USA team. THey played really good just not good enough to get it done.


Briana Scurry was a warrior for the US. We missed her on sunday. But i thought Hope was solid. Briana was a once in a life time keeper, but I'll take Solo next go round. She is talented and NOW REALLY hungry for a world cup title.

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