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Nolan Ryan doing the right thing for an expectant momma

1e90f77e-5c53-551c-8181-efc1e95efa06.image In case you are wondering, Fox Sports Southwest reporter Emily Jones is not being fired. She will work her last Texas Rangers game tonight, and then will be taking a loooong break. If you are a Rangers' watcher, or know her work, you probably have already guessed she's a little pregnant. She's due Friday.

Now, here was the nice thing Nolan Ryan did for Jones. When the season began, Jones was doing her in-game work from the camera well near the Rangers dugout, and right next to where Nolan sits for the games. Photographers have to be lowered in to this well to do their work, as did Jones. 

"Nolan told me there was no way I was going to be able to do that for the rest of the season," Jones said. "And he said, 'We're going to build you a gate.'"

Jones forgot this almost as quickly as Nolan said it. But when Jones returned to Rangers Ballpark for the second homestand of the season, Nolan and the Rangers had indeed torn out a part of the wall that is inside what is called the "owner's bunker" so Jones could walk through a gate directly into the well and to her perch to help call the game.

Then he had a batting-practice style net installed so she would not have to fear any foul balls screaming her way.

E82D08D786261AFCA88A02_Large "I really couldn't believe they did it," she said. 

On Friday, she and her husband are scheduled to welcome Baby No. 1. I think I speak for everyone wishing them all the very, very best. I say this with baggy-eyes to prove it, sleep isn't quite so easy - and if someone wants to help, take it.

Jones is part of the baby-making machine that has become Fox Sports Southwest. On July 7, Dana Larson gave birth to baby Brooklynn. That isn't a mistake - two 'n's. Of note: July 7 is the greatest day in the world, for that is the day the universe welcomed me with love and open arms, and a kick to the groin. I was born July 7, 1991 ... give or take.

Jones said she's taking the next two months off, but would not rule out returning sooner if the Rangers are in a playoff race.

"I've been with this team for seven years and been a part of one playoff run so if they're close, and it's OK for me and my family I would certainly leave things open to come back a little early," she told ME. "We'll see how it goes."

Good luck, and don't forget to thank your husband profusely.

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