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One thing Snooki & T.O. have in common

To Did you hear the one about Terrell Owens wanting to do a TV show? About himself? Now that you've thrown a brick threw your computer screen you can continue.

The former Cowboys dud and Bengals waste really thinks there is sitcom potential about his life.

Considering how much garbage litters an already over-saturated TV landscape, he's probably right. But considering how most TV shows flop, he'll quickly learn there isn't an audience for T.O. TV.

T.O. is likely going to learn who countless pro athletes do in a very hard fashion - once their careers are done, most of us no longer care and have moved on to the first round pick out of Georgia.

I covered T.O. in his few years with the Cowboys, and no one I ever covered could create something out of nothing like this guy. As a reporter, he was great because he would talk and willingly stick his foot in his mouth. He would say anything, and routinely contradict himself within the context of one interview. Genius.

What I learned with T.O. is that he's like a lot of pro jocks who can enunciate very well, they tend to confuse that ability with intelligence. T.O. can enunciate pretty well. And he's not a complete idiot. No guy who learns to last as long as he has in the NFL is a total dope. That actually takes brains. Seriously.

But what T.O. is getting ready to do will be the hardest thing he's ever done, which is to live without ball. His entire identity is ball. Unlike a Keyshawn Johnson who is smart and planned for life without ball long before he was done I am guessing T.O. has done nothing to prepare for this transition.

His football career is likely over. Maybe one more year. But I am guessing he's surrounded himself with people who tell him how funny and smart he is, thus giving him the idea he can be a TV sitcom star.
He's not.

He will be just another guy looking for something to do without ball.

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Kita Williams

TO's reality show was aweful. Ive seen paint dry that was more exciting. As sports personalities go, I think TO is pretty entertaining. As long as Dr. Galea still makes house calls, TO will be able to squeeze another year or two of football out of his body. Hopefully TO saved his money bc his 15 seconds is about up


You have no idea what you are talking about. TO doesn't deserve his own show. He deserves his own network like Oprah. Who wouldn't tune in to watch TO 24/7 doing things like brushing his teeth, running errands, putting his baseball cap on backwards. TO is a legend in his own mind

Chris Collensworth

TO was a great wide reciever. And some days, he was entertaining off the field. It's a sad state of cable TV when a show like "The TO Show" has legs.

TO pulled up short on routes last year, avoided contact, and had aligator arms when it looked like he was gonna get punished for going over the middle. If I'm gonna watch him on TV it's bc he is making playing.


Say what you want about TO, but the guy could play the game. The side show stuff aside; the guy should be remembered as one of the game's greats

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