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Pre weekend black coffee: Roy Williams is going to Chicago; Don can't rain on the entire state; Cowboys & Aliens looks awful

1. Alas - the Rangers bullpen is the reason the team won a game.

2. What was suspected all along - Marc Colombo has been cut by the Boys. For a guy who was signed off the street, he played very well here.

6a00e54f7fc4c58833015390427ede970b-250wi 3. Donovan McNabb apologist Jason Whitlock says it's time for the former Eagle/Redskin to do something.

4. Uh-oh: The Longhorn Network approached Austin area high schools about televising their games. But I'm sure ESPN would have televised those games anyway, right Mack?

5. This soldier was caught planning to make a terrorist type attack on Ft. Hood.

6. I think we kinda may have already known this - the Alamo City is a good place, but probably can't support an NFL franchise.

7. The Houston Texans' secondary immediately got better. Big time.

8. Even the people in Midland are asking if they will get rain from Tropical Storm Don.

9. Didn't see this one coming: Amy Winehouse from alcohol WITHDRAWAL.

10. The Bears are going to sign Roy Williams.

11. I can't believe this - Indiana football has secured the best QB for the 2012 class. IU beat EVERYONE on this kid .... HOW?!

12. I'm sorry, but Cowboys & Aliens looks plain stupid.

13. This doesn't look stupid - a date has been set on a Katheryn Bigelow movie about the manhunt for Bin Laden.

86160 14. Crazy, Stupid Love opens today. Marisa Tomei's still got it. Never lost it.


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All the reviews say the same thing 'cowboys & aliens' is a lousy/dull movie. it blows me away. they have a ton of huge hollywood names attached to the project and the movie cost a small fortune to make. we shall see, i guess.


How great would it be to see Gunner Kiel put IU football back on the map!


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