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Props to Tommy Tuberville for not dodging the question about why he dodged TCU

Tommy DALLAS - At the suggestion of Twitter follower Caroline Collier, I asked Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville about his decision to back out from the Techies' game against TCU this fall.

A lot of people, myself included, thought this was a chicken move to drop this game simply because it reeked of a head coach deliberately avoiding a game because he knew he was going to lose. Tuberville was honest enough to admit that perception is pretty much correct. 

"A little bit to that, as a coach," TT said in response to MY question. "We had four non-conference teams scheduled because of the new conference realignment. One had to go. I've been in this business for a while. We're going to be a young team. Gary (Patterson) has done a great job of bringing in players and building depth. That's not the type of team we want to play right now.

"Somebody had to go. Hopefully we can play them. That's a natural game for us. I think we need to play that help. It would help Gary and us to play each year home and home."

Tech was originally scheduled to play in Fort Worth on Sept. 10. TCU offered to move the game to Cowboys Stadium, but Tech wants no part of TCU until TT can build something that can beat the Frogs. Maybe 2015? Not kidding.

TT is comfortable enough in his own skin to admit what we all know: He can't beat TCU, and won't be able to for a while.

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nice use of twitter technology

i keep waiting for people in the media, like you, to use the technology at hand to narrow the space between readers and the topics you cover

nice job! good article, good use of technolgoy!

twitter on!


I am not a Tubberville fan. The guy has had a lot of chances with BIG time programs and aside an occasional season; i don't think he has produced like he should to remain a head coach

i'm betting the trip to baylor is a couple years of unfulfilled expectations. next

Jackie Bolton

The truth often hurts!! Nice article by Mac Engel.
Many of us were thinking the reason was that Tubbs did not want an automatic loss so early in the season.


Way to take his quotes out of context and exclude the part where TCWho was replaced with a conference game which was the biggest reason for the drop.


Wow, you guys really think alot of yourselves for beating some terrible teams. Tubs was trying to be classy to TCU for their recent success. TCU will drop a few games this year but Tech will as well so it wasn't a risk worth taking.

Really hope we can get a 2013-14 series set up. LOL at your 2015 comment.

Bob Marks

This is a stupid pointless article from a dumb reporter that writes for a arbitrary newspaper. Here's a news flash: NO ONE CARES ABOUT A CANCELLED NON CONF GAME FROM A YEAR AGO!



If TCU wanted to beef up their schedule from the weak MWC then they should've scheduled someone besides Portland State and Louisiana Lafeyette. There was no contract in place to guarantee a return game, simple as that.

To the poster downgrading Tubs, he had a better record than Leach in the SEC, including an undefeated season. He won 4 West titles and an SEC title. Yeah not impressed...sheesh.

Jake S.

Good article!!!!!! Tubberville is going to get CREAMED in his new gig.

Philip P

Yes Tuberville has always underperformed. Instead of 13-0 at Auburn he should have gone 14 - (-1)??? Engle needs to get a real job. Tech actually had little choice this season all the other games were under contract TCU wasn't because of last year. Also Tuberville probably doesn't want to see TCU early since he is implementing the 4-2-5 defense and TCU has practiced against that defense for several years.

fred garvin

Why would Tech want to play a second game at jerry world? Tech is all ready playing Baylor there. Here is the truth if amon g crapper was not the worst stadium in Texas (including high schools) the game would probably still be played. But since the stadium has to be rebuilt since it was on the verge of being condemned game is canceled. And that new stadium will look nice on tv with ¾ of the seats being empty.
28-23-3 and let not forget 70-35

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