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The reason to watch U.S. women's world cup final: Hope

200882019423189077804 In less than 10 hours the collective American sports nation will return to not caring about soccer, and or women's soccer. 

But here in a few hours we will all watch when the U.S. plays Japan in the World Cup Finals at 1:45 CT. Nation's pride. Nothing else to watch. Take your pick.

And, by tomorrow, we will likely all forget any of these players unless she takes off her shirt after scoring the game-winning goal, or bites the head off a Zebra.
Sadly, that's the way it is. The trick is necessary. For a U.S. soccer player to really grab and maintain our fleeting attention they must do something beyond spectacular.
Or they can be Hope Solo.

 This helps.





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Let's Hope So!


This game should be fun!


This is a great game!

GO USA!!!!!!

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That was my thought,too.

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Yum, I love watching the USA smash those other teams to bits! Yes, gooooo, ahahah!

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