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The Score Upon The Return To The World: Man 1, Mother Nature 0

Back from Canada, where I was not detained in either the Winnipeg or Toronto airport security holding areas. No glove either. :-(

IMGP0507 As you can see from this photograph, Mother Nature and a whole lot of Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike swam in fear once word spread that I was on a lake in Manitoba searching for my prey with a pair fishing rods. I can cast with either hand, at the same time; trolling rod in one hand as I cast with the other, and a third hand to drink a cereal malt beverage if needed.

The biggest fish I caught was a 36-inch Northern Pike on a jig-head. Bill Dance couldn't do that. 
No trophy fish - which I will have much more to say about that later - but the trick is not catching a big monster. Anyone can do that, but can you catch a fish so small you can hold it in your left hand while you take a picture? 

That takes skill.



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aqua man

cool picture of your fish

Tony F

Love the t-shirt. Go Mavs.

luxyry villas

so cool .and i'd like to have a try. i like surfing and fishing ,in another word,i like enjoying life.

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