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This impossible dream is coming true: Fort Worth's In & Out Burger

FORT WORTH - It's true that the greatest fast food burger place is coming to Fort Worth. I've been hearing about this for months and months and months, and here it is in it's under-construction glory. This is what it looks like today, July 9, 2011. Why won't it just open right now?

Inandout1 Inandout2sign






So close to so much greasy goodness.

I almost pity the Wendy's that is located next to this In and Out location on 7th Street in Fort Worth.
If you have never been to an In and Out whether it's in California, Vegas, Phoenix or the new one in Plano be prepared to wait. These things are built with lines.

The wait is, however, well worth it.

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Ousted Sports Editor

the wait is definitely not worth it, especially when that place is surrounded by Fred's, Magnolia Motor Lounge, Love Shack, M&O, Pour House and Wild Rooster. it will be an absolute nightmare navigating that part of an already congested So. 7.

Buger Mania

LOVE the 'In & Out' Burger! Nothing will ever replace 'Jack In The Box', but the 'In & Out' is VERY excellent. Even hearing the name closes an artery. Great article. Heart Disease in Fort Worth will probably sky rocket, but such is the price for a good burger

Bob's Burgers

i could go for 'double-double' with onion.

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