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This is how Apple has more $ than the U.S. reserve

FORT WORTH - No American company in the past decade has created the illusion of need any better than Apple. We need our iPod. We must have the iMac. Can't live without the iPad. And we may indeed die without our iPhones.

Apple is, essentially, a toy company. 

And this toy company has more cash on hand than that of the U.S. reserve. This isn't a joke. 

Apple is sitting on $76 billion. The federal reserve has $73 billion. Steve Jobs, don't pick up your phone if you don't recognize the number.

Apple This very blurry photo recently taken at the Apple Store in Fort Worth should explain everything. For a while I thought Apple simply stocked these stores with consumers, much the same way a lake is stocked with fish.

No, these stores are always crammed with both young and old, surveying a massive collection of merchandise, none of which is cheap. And it is all built to break, but if you buy a service plan beginning at $50 or so you have some insurance.

You can't get out of this place spending less than $50, and it's more likely you're going to spend $200.

Apple is the perfect American company for current American consumer: We don't need any of it, but we will stand in line for forever to spend the money we don't have all convinced we'll die if we don't have it.

And I'm writing this from my MacBook Pro.


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Hahaha. No lie.

Bill Nation

Mac, stick to writing about sports, because despite your name, you don't know nothin' about Apple or its products.

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