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Thursday morning iced tazo latte tea thingy with no Aspartame: Jerry is optimistic, McNabb is out of the NFC East, Jenny McCarthy blows off Oprah

1. Jason Garrett is going to pummel you with corny optimism, but it beats cynicism any day. At the very least this guy is upbeat and organized to the max.

2. The Rangers are 16-30 against Twins under Ron Washington. That's not a very good winning percentage. Carlos Beltran isn't coming here - he's going to the Giants.

3. Cowboys guard Kyle Kosier is back at three years, $9 million. This is a guy Bill Parcells barely wanted and had special teams coach Bruce DeHaven lined up to blame if the move bombed. It didn't.

3.5 U2 knows how to make them some money.

4. Donovan McNabb is finally out of the NFC East - he's in Minny for a 6th rounder.

5. Tropical Storm Dom is headed for Texas, which means someone in this great state will get rain. Please, let it rain on my dying lawn even though I know it won't.

5.5 The drought is wrecking havoc on farmers and ranchers.

6. The Texans are really pursuing CBs this free agency period.

7. Former Aggie stud Von Miller has no choice but to look ahead rather than the lament the cash he lost if he had come out early.

8. Buck Harvey of the SA Express news is buying Jason Garrett stock. Smart move.

9. Alex Trebek blew out his Achilles trying to chase a burglar.

Jenny-mccarthy-sailor 10. This is not a smart move - Jenny McCarthy is leaving Oprah's OWN network for NBC, where everything fails.

11. The Venice Film Festival announced its lineup. One of the films premiering here is The Texas Killing Fields, that stars that guy from Avatar and the really bad Terminator movie.


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