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Thursday's Lone Star Hangover: Alexi Ogando is Rangers best pitcher; Jen Aniston is box office poison

10092_AlexOgando 1. The Rangers really need to the Orioles to remain in Arlington for another month or so.  The Rangers swept the Showalters with steroid-era hitting. Hats off to Alexi Ogando, who has been the Rangers best pitcher this season. He is now 9-3 with a 2.92 ERA. 

2. Kind of a bummer, but the Dallas Stars announced their preseason game against the Coyotes that was scheduled to be played at Reliant Stadium in Houston is off. Too much money to put in ice in the stadium. You think they would have checked that before announcing the game ...

3. Speaking of your Rangers, they are 47-41 and 1 game up on the Angels. This time a year ago? They were 50-34 and 5.5 up on Angels.

4. Texans coach Gary Kubiak is saying LB Brian Cushing will be a great player. Maybe he can be good again when Coach Wade moves him to ILB. Don't count on it; when a guy loses it, it's usually gone.

5. Mexico has a new boxing star, a 20-year-old who fights like Foreman but looks Irish.

6. This is a cool story - Steelers draft pick and former Texas Techer Baron Batch is going back to school to learn all sorts of things.

7. There are about $350 million reasons why Johnny Deep keeps cranking out Pirates movies.

8. Oh, good ... Casey Anthony wants to have another kid.

Jennifer-Aniston-Portrait 9. Jennifer Aniston apparently fell in love with the character she's playing in some new flick. Movie sounds funny, but if she's in it you know it will tank.

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Kelly Lewis

"Jennifer Aniston's Movies Suck" --- WOW! that's a real news flash.

Horrible Bosses looked promising until I saw her name on the marquee

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I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)

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