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Tuesday a.m. heavy foam, heavy whip black coffee: Cowboys can't let Free get Free; Rangers just scored 4 more runs

1. The NFL lockout is over - a lot of rich guys ensure they will remain very rich. Thank God. The Cowboys are going to need a lot, but if they let Doug Free go they are so duuummmm'!

Josh-hamilton 2. The Rangers went roid-school on the Twins last night. Twenty runs. Lost in this is that Derek Holland pitched well again.

3. The Austin-American Statesman focuses on the big question of the day from the first day of Big 12 football media days - Bevo TV.

4. Not the place to be a riot broke out at a prison in Juarez. The excitement from the NFL lockout ending.

5. Houston is apparently going to hit 107 today ... in the shade. Best line I've heard about Houston's weather is that it feels like the inside of someone's mouth.

6. The CB from the Raiders with the name too difficult to spell is on the market - and the Houston Chronicle wants the Texans to get this guy.

7. A story all Texas HS coaches should keep a close eye on: Class 6A is not coming. At least not yet. We remain a five-class state.

8. The former Mr. Sandra Bullock has split with that girl who was covered in tats.

9. Moneyball is coming to a theater near you very soon, but it will start at the Toronto Film Festival.

Jaclyn_smith 10. The new Charlie's Angels move to a very hot Miami. Or that's what FoxNews is saying, and they're never wrong. Sorry Mrs. Derek Jeter, I'm not old school but there is no Angel any hotter than Jaclyn Smith. Ever. That includes Farrah. 

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