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Why dudes will want to watch a Sex & the City prequel

Blake-lively-5 The options are: Chained to forklift that is sinking into a tar pit filled with sharks, or watch "Sex & the City 2: The Search for a Better Botox". I reluctantly took door No. 2, and watching that film made me think the tar pits and the sharks may have been the better choice.

Four old girls running around pretending they are young, and relevant in Hollywood. Not that much different than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls. Those who like these films are such diehards of the characters they are unable to see past the film's countless flaws. I can't criticize; I bought Indy 4.

The only reason SATC gains mention in this space is because there are rumors that this franchise is going to go prequel on us. Because what Candace Bushnell needs is more money. Why do we care? Because the prequel may involve Blake Lively as Samantha.

Two words: Me. Likey.

The movie will be called "The Carrie Diaries". It could be called, "Blake Lively Eats a Bowl of Cereal" and I may watch. Wonder if this photo was airbrushed?

Rumors are Selena Gomez will be joined by Emma Roberts and Elizabeth Olsen (right) Elizabeth-olsen-2011
. No rumors as to who will play the men who all conspire to ruin these ladies' lives, or the potential plot lines that will allow the Big Four to whine/complain endlessly about their respect lots in life with an assortment of bad puns.

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Wow. I've been reading your stuff for about a year now and this is basically the only sh*t I dont agree with. Give atleast a little credit where credit is due. Kobe got his ass kicked by this so called fluke. So what? Chill out. No one said the Rockets were the best team.

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