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A novel concept - the Cowboys are humble

Jason_witten_dallas_cowboys-317 SAN ANTONIO - Seldom do the words "humble" and "Dallas Cowboys" ever co-exist peacefully in the same sentence. 

This is a team that despite more thabn a decade of mediocrity has a banner outside the Alamo Dome that reads, "The Road to the Super Bowl Starts Here." It should read, "The Road To Gross Profits Starts Here".

So while the rest of the NFL and the adoring media dorks celebrate the Eagles' 2011-'12 Super Bowl championship, the Cowboys are behaving like a team that had its collective ego crushed. Now they are in the process of picking up the pieces and putting Humpty Dumpty back together again.

"Well, we were 6-10. Coach gets fired midway through the season, any time that happens to your team it puts things in perspective," Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said after today's practice. "Losing Tony obviously hurt us. As a group, the leaders felt like this is our opportunity and we need to run with it."

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Nothing novel about that. It's nearly always the other teams' players that talk all the smack about playing "America's Team." It's the media that's always overhyping the Cowboys, or spinning and twisting stuff, trying to start controversy.

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