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Cowboys open practice tonight: The TV set is still the draw

NewCowboysStadium_cropped ARLINGTON - Sitting here in the pressbox at Jerry World and it's apparent that even a year into this thing that JerryVision that hangs from the top of this place is the best thing this place has to offer.

The rest? It's a nice, new-ish stadium but the TV set remains the draw. Unfortunately, that includes the team, too.

At 7 p.m. the Cowboys will hold an open-to-the-public practice. Admission to the stadium is free, and parking is $10. True free in the NFL is a mirage. It's a practice, so expect a practice.

"It's good. We want the fans to see how we've been working and putting things together," Cowboys linebacker Bradie James said after the morning walk through. "That's what we play - we play for our family and the friends. We look forward to getting the house that is packed and it's going to be fun tonight."

That sounds wonderful, and it may even be true. But until this team really proves its worthy of all of the annual love they receive simply because they are the Dallas Cowboys the best reason to come to Cowboys Stadium is the TV set.

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Phillip Elliot

You're too harsh. You probably right but who cares.

I think $10 bucks to watch the boys have a practice sounds fun. I've never seen an NFL practice.

Also, there are a lot of folks that are NFL fans, or Cowboy fans, that will never be able to afford going to a game.

I'd pay $10 bucks, take my kids, grab a beer and a hot dog, and check it out.

Jerry puts on a good show. And it would be fun to see the stadium without the hassel of all the people that come on game day. I hope they get a good crowd tonight.


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