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ESPN story about a "white Michael Vick" looks like Eddie Murphy's SNL version of "Mr. White"

576x324_vickwhite I didn't read the story because I think the concept bores me, but here you go if you must: What would we think if Michael Vick were white? This story is going to run in ESPN The Magazine soon.

My first reaction to this Photshopped version of a white Mike Vick is that this looks very, very similar to the version of a white dude that Eddie Murphy portrayed in his brilliant SNL sketch years and years ago. Look at both photos. Coincidence? I don't think so.


This is one of the funnier and timeless sketches this show has ever produced.

My favorite part was Murphy's realizing that white people like to give things to each other for free.

I am unable to embed this video, but if you want click here to watch it.


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Jeff F.

This SNL bit is hilarious. Eddie Murphy was histerical in this bit

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