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It's here: the Big Mac Blog chat with CMT Sweet Home Alabama star Devin Grissom

Devin-grissom-sweet-home-alabama Once again The Big Mac Blog strikes gold. This time, with CMT reality TV Sweet Home Alabama star Devin Grissom. She apparently has two shows left to find the man of her dreams. The show airs tonight at 8 p.m. CT.

She is currently in her final year at Alabama, and a massive sports fan.

The Big Mac Blog: Where you there when the tornadoes hit?
Devin Grissom:
I was in my house with about six or seven friends. and we had had bad weather for the past month. There was a warning once a week, at least, so we got used to it. We thought, ‘OK, boy who cried wolf.’ We didn’t take it seriously. We were at the house hanging out and nothing serious. We saw a tornado touched down on the TV. I was watching it and thinking, ‘I recognize where that is.’
That’s when we thought we were going to run across the street to a house that had a basement. We opened the front door and what we saw on TV was right in front of us. We screamed, slammed the door shut, all went to the bathroom and just prayer.

The Big Mac Blog: What was the overall effect and is the area still feeling it?
Devin Grissom:
Well, one of my sorority sisters passed away as a result during the storm. It had a huge effect here. It’s still tough. You’d think after several months there would be big change but there is still so much to do be done.

Devin  The Big Mac Blog: To lighter topics; your appearance says you should not struggle getting dates. So why does someone like you need helping getting a date and do a show like this?
Devin Grissom:
This isn’t I can’t get a date. I have dated in the past and that sort of thing. But at the same time but I’ve never found anyone that was just right. This opportunity presented itself. The casting director found me on Facebook. It was like, ‘Wow.’ I thought it was something I was very interested in. I did interview, and it was a two week process.  to interview. It was a two week process.

The Big Mac Blog: How did you get used to a camera crew following your every move?
Devin Grissom:
The first few days was very, very weird. You could tell in the first few episodes that I was so nervous. A few people told me they liked that because it felt real.
After that you do get used to that and once I started to get know the guys better.

The Big Mac Blog: What are your thoughts about most reality TV show couples not ‘making it’ after the show is over?
Devin Grissom:
Those were my concerns. I’ve watched these shows for forever and I can think of 2 couples that have gone through this that have made it. I think people have a bad taste in their mouths about reality TV dating. I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical but I kept an open mind. But if I want to make this work I’ll make it work. It all depended on the guys. I was blessed with the quality of men that are on the show.

The Big Mac Blog: Are any of the guys you met or dated tools?
Devin Grissom:
Yes and no. There were some I knew I wouldn’t be in a serious relationship with, but it was great to meet people from all over with a different background.

Cam+Newton+Auburn+v+Alabama+xnzJgZwroX7l The Big Mac Blog: You are a sports fan, what are your thoughts about Alabama’s loss last year to Auburn in the Iron Bowl?
Devin Grissom:
Oh, gosh. This is the most emotional question you could have asked me.

The Big Mac Blog: Worse than the tornado?
Devin Grissom:
Well, not worse than the tornado. I was at that game. I work in the football recruiting office. When you are working for the department it gives you more of a personal feel. The first half we were up 21-0, and then the fumble in the end zone and it all turned around. You just can’t imagine the sinking feeling in the sdcond half. I’m not that emotional of a person but I cried my eyes out after the game.

The Big Mac Blog: Were you happy that that Alabama fan poisoned those trees at Auburn?
Devin Grissom:
No, definitely not. I think it’s terrible. But I can’t say that at the same time I didn’t laugh a long a little …. I know that’s terrible.

The Big Mac Blog: How much money do you think Alabama pays its football players?
Devin Grissom:
I think you have the wrong person. But Cam Newton got paid about $200,000. Alabama doesn’t do that stuff.

The Big Mac Blog: Does the SEC need to add Texas A&M?
Devin Grissom:
Texas A&M wants to become a part of us. I don’t want them. I think the SEC is perfect as it is. We get another couple of teams it will start messing with the Eastern/Western division.

The Big Mac Blog: OK, when do you finish school?
Devin Grissom:
Well, I’m 20 and I have a year left. Right now the plan is to finish in the spring. Wow, that is so weird.

The Big Mac Blog: Devin, you’ve been a good sport. Thanks for your time and good luck.
Devin Grissom:
This is my favorite interview I’ve ever had. No one ever asks me about sports.


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