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Lisa Guerrero talks her time on Monday Night Football, Playboy, Cowboys & guns

Lisa-guerrero-92841 To the haters who say no one reads The Big Mac Blog and that it’s destined for Water World like failure, Lisa Guerrero is a reader. Lisa Guerrero. Deal with that.

The former Monday Night Football sideline reporter and current Inside Edition investigative reporter read a blog post the other day when I said the new NBC Sports Network needs to hire Guerrero has a sideline reporter. Was it a joke? A bit. But it was a reason to put up a picture of a pretty girl, which has a tendency to drive internet traffic ... kinda pathetic.

My opinion of Guerrero changed dramatically when I met her in 2008 at Cowboys training camp and we shot the bull for about 10 minutes. Had no idea who she was until Jerry Jones said, “Hey Lisa.” It hit me this was the former ABC Monday Night Football sideline reporter who got destroyed nationally. This was not some dumb, pretty girl. She is a pro just trying to do her job.

She just left FW/d after filming a new reality TV show called Shooting Stars. The cable TV show will begin airing in January on the Discovery Channel.

The Big Mac Blog: OK, so you’re a gun lover now who shoots things for a living?
Lisa Guerrero: I do not hunt. Never shot a gun in my life. But they are going to teach me. I will shoot a gun for the first time in my life.

The Big Mac Blog: Are a gun person per se? 
Lisa Guerrero: I am a meat eater and all of my girlfriends are vegans. I love my red meat. I have no problem with people shooting or anything like that.

The Big Mac Blog: Will you ever return to sports again?
Lisa Guerrero:
I am first and foremost a sports fan, I’m married to a former baseball player. I never say never, but I am not doing sports right now.

Lisa_guerrero-sports-8 The Big Mac Blog: Time for the tougher questions – you got hammered pretty hard during your time on MNF, how did you handle that? 
Lisa Guerrero: The thing that bothered me the most about that, outside of the personal tone, was that the criticism was I didn’t know sports. I had been a sports reporter for a decade before Monday Night Football in L.A. Those viewers knew me.  The Monday Night Football audience said they handed a model a mic on the sideline who never paid her dues. Doing sideline injury reports in seven seconds or two questions after a game wasn’t my strength. I felt all of that credibility I had worked to build was blown by me making the wrong choice in Monday Night Football.

The Big Mac Blog: Some of the comments had to bother you, did they?
Lisa Guerrero: Yeah. It stung. It hurt my feelings a lot. I had to think long and hard about wanting to stay in this business. I had just married Scott (Erickson), and I easily could have said I’m done with TV. But I wasn’t ready to retire. If had let the criticism destroy me I’d be sitting at home with a lot of regrets. I dusted myself off, said ‘I’m going to write, and report and find another job on camera’.

The Big Mac Blog: What advice would you give to a young female who wants to enter your profession?
Lisa Guerrero: First and foremost, learn how to write. If you can find your own voice as a writer that will come across on camera. The perception is if you’re a young, attractive woman is that there is a producer in your ear telling you what to say. If you are a writer, you will know stories and story arcs and how to listen and ask questions. A lot of young reporters have an agenda and they have four questions and that’s it. Hone your writing, develop a personality, listen and finally learn how to develop a thick skin. I started in this business as a size 6, but now I’m a size 8 because I developed a thick skin.

1 The Big Mac Blog: You did a photoshoot for Playboy several years ago; any regrets on that?
Lisa Guerrero: When I was 21 they asked me to do it, and I said no. It became a running joke that every year they would ask me and I would say no. Twenty years to the day they asked me, I’m married, and Scott sees a letter in the trash that’s from Playboy. He read it, and he was the one to encourage me to do it. He said, ‘You’re a beautiful woman, you’re 41, do it.’ I thought about it, talked to my dad and my new mother-in-law and I got everybody’s blessing.
They told me I could go anywhere in the world, so I went to Paris for the first time and I brought three friends. It ran, everybody said, ‘Her career is over’, and Inside Edition did a story about me and when the story aired the executive producer offered me a three-year deal. The job re-invented myself.
So do I regret doing it? Not at all.

The Big Mac Blog: I’m guessing you’re a fan of airbrushing?
Lisa Guerrero: Are you kidding? That’s the beauty of it. This is not real. It’s all smoke and mirrors. That is not what people look like. Every magazine does it. I was 41 when I did it; I was quite glad to know there was going to be airbrushing.

The Big Mac Blog: What's next?
Lisa Guerrero: I'll keep doing Inside Edition, and I'm writing a book. 

The Big Mac Blog: You're a sports fan, how are the Cowboys going to do this year?
Lisa Guerrero: Shouldn't I be asking you that? I'm an optimist. I'll say 10 wins. 

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Good story. You are a good person. The content on this blog is excellent. You gotta promote it better; email news letters, facebook on it, my hyper links, and continually getting out there and talking to other serious professionals like Lisa Guerro.

I love this blog!!!


As an aspiring female writer I agree with Mrs Guerrero. Learn to write and have thick skin. That's the magic to it all.

There will always be nay sayers, haters, critics, but what Ive learned is you write for yourself first. After that write for the people that read your stuff, then for the people that like your stuff, and lastly you write for the people that hate your stuff.

Who cares what people say about your writing. You write to express your self, share an idea or opinion, and then for people to read it.

Bad reactions to your work are way better than no reactions to your work.

Good article.


oh, one last thought.

I'd rather get 10,000 hate mails or emails than one or two letters of praise.

There are plenty of noteworthy authors, writers, directors that made a great career out of writing contraversial stuff and stuff people didn't care for.

Say what you gotta say and say it your way.

I don't always like everything I read on this blog or other places for that matter, but you have style and your stuff is entertaining and occasionally insightful

Sam T.

Lisa Guerrero is the real deal. Making it in sport journalism is difficult. She has done some good work, been entertaining, and been a fairly positive role model for females (not perfect, but good) Nice article

Q Mann

Good article. Making it in any profession is hard. Lisa G., i'm sure, has had her fair share of challenges. She has always struck me as a classy, hard charging, and bright journalist. Nice article. I'm glad she gets her due as a serious journalist. We all have to put our time in.

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