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Monday no-foam cappucino: The U.S. can spend more money; the Cowboys have no kickers; MTV is 30

1. The Rangers lost 2 out of 3 in Toronto, but their bullpen immediately got better over the weekend, too.

2. The most important position on a football team people hate to talk about - kickers. The Cowboys are trying to see if they have one, two, or none.

Tattoo-for-women-angelina-jolie-tattoos-arm-tattoos-celebrity-tattoo-tattoo 3. Finally the Houston Chronicle does a story on tattoo regret.

4. Houston Coogs QB Case Keenum says his knee is fine and he's ready to play.

5. Going to be another brutal week heat wise in Texas.

6. Get ready for a lot more of this: Rick Perry flip-flopping stories.

7. This dude who posed as a teenager to play high school hoops in Odessa is going to jail.

8. I can't believe this - MTV is 30. It hasn't shown a video in 14 years.

9. Buck Harvey of the SA Express News is buying that Vince Young is going to re-start his career.

Olivia Wilde18 10. Smurfs and Cowboys & Aliens battled to a draw over the weekend.

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